World Cup: Hong Kong vs. Finland (final)

Finland QUAD TANK in play!

Um… nevermind

Slambulance? Finland making out like they’re Gigantti

Eh. They went Goats instead.

Skins all look real good. Wonder if they would put them on the market.

I’m noticing that just like with Russia, it’s a Zen variant on Goats though, instead of sticking with the Moira

It is not optimistic and it goes back to the player icon flag problem that Game Director Jeff Kaplan stated yesterday:

I cant watch it today :frowning:
How teams are doing? Wh is better?

Russia and South Korea 4-0’d their starting rounds. Finland looks to be doing the same.

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Yeah, it would be nice to have my country’s fag in game as an icon but not optimistic about that.

OW World Cup skins should be up though.

Russia v Hong Kong was a murder
South Korea v Chinese Taipei was very tight, even in the expected 4-0

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S.Korea and Finland looks to be favourites.

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ShaiuLin (not “Shaolin”) looks to be good.

After Map 1

Watch on Twitch

An observation is that a few of the teams appear to be experimenting with different comps.

I guess they have to invent and take their rivals by suprise somehow

Any idea which patch OW WC is using?

Fragi doing exactly what made me fall in love with him

As stated above, 1.26 (live is 1.27)

Yes. So far, only Finland is using double sniper meta for comp.
New Sombra and Hammond have seen play so far for S.Korea.

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Thanks, mate. Did not see that. Yeah, that confirms to me why they are all still using solo heal most of the time with Mercy.