Workshop Wishlist - Drop your Feature Requests here!


Loops and functions, maybe a way to type the code vs drop downs?


You can still use the normal custom game settings even though you’ve added workshop rules.


I’m new so im not sure if all of these are impossible, but im just listing anyway:

  • Using every models as entities / effects
  • Able to set entities / effects positions after created
  • Spawn AI heroes on the go
  • Modify Heroes size
  • Raycasting
  • Write out the expressions (the scripting is honestly tedious at this part)
  • A variable manager menu, more variables and the ability to name them if you want
  • Import custom sounds


I know that but u cant make it so that brig fail does 1 dmg but her wip shot does 200. You might be able to but i dont see a way that you can.


You can set her damage dealt stat with workshop actions, so you can make a rule that checks if brig is using the ability then increases her damage dealt right before the impact.

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Wow, this is a lot of great feedback, please keep it coming! Dan and I are overwhelmed with the amount of enthusiasm for the feature, and we hope we can keep working with the community to make the Workshop a great tool for everyone.

As the requests here range from small to large, we’ll need some time to organize and prioritize the work. We’re currently working on improving stability and adding a few improvements. For instance in the next patch we’ve disabled the AFK timer when you’re in a custom game that has workshop scripting in it.

Obviously we can’t add everything on the list, so thank you for patience while we figure things out!

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I’d love an option to add more than 6 players on one team, this would be great for things like boss fights :slight_smile:

Also, thank you so much for all the responses to our feedback on the forums recently. We really appreciate it.


Im vastly dissapointed in this workshop, not because its there, but because I want so much power over the game. But I hope that in time you guys will get around to some of that too.

I wanted to be able to control game mode mechanics, but it seems that some things cant be mixed. Also i really want a text editor based scripting option.

Keep on reading this thread we will help you as much as we can :), even though some of us can be very demmanding XD.


i would love if there were a simple way to address someone on the current team. im sure there are ways around this but it would simplify some things immensely.
EX;) something like “Is teammate”,or " is on current team"


I don’t know if this is mentioned already, but the ability to make custom functions (with arguments and a return value) would greatly improve the amount of actions and rules needed.

For example: a function that does some kind of algorithm, like calculating angles or creating a vector.


I’d love to see some kind of small variable manager so you can at least name your variables (maybe show where it is referenced too in a small window?).
The code can be really hard to read when your variable names are just A, B, C… especially in more complex projects. Now you have to make notes by yourself if you use a lot of variables.

For example:
Instead of the dropdown menu you would just enter a name. When a variable is already used it would show beneath the textbox for autocompletion. Just clicking the empty textbox would also trigger autocompletion and show all variable names currently in use.
A manager would be nice to instantly rename variables across all references.


Hey there has been some amazing race gamemodes made however there is one problem. There is no way to turn off collisions between players which means they can knock into each other affecting momentum etc. Please could this be added to make these gamemodes more feasible.

If this feature already exists I would love to know how to do it as I have thought of no way myself.


I wish a feature to create custom game modes. There is no way to modify the core mechanics of existing game modes or creating new game modes. :smiley:


There is. Use the phasing status, it should work well.


So I have been testing out ai when it comes to scripts and you can do some neat stuff with them.

The problem is you can’t use them on Deathmatch maps which makes creating game modes harder. I would love it if you can use the ais on Deathmatch/elimination maps.

More ai features would be great in general really.

*As an example I created a hard ai reaper who can go invisible, leave it when using abilities and shooting and then return to invisible. Once you tune him he makes a great boss battle, being able to access a map like Black Forest would match him well.


Personally I would love to be able to disable blocks or comment them out. Separators would be nice also, even if they are just horizontal lines between code blocks.


Has anyone mentioned an increase and decrease fire rate feature?


OK thanks i didn’t know you could do that. Another suggestion is that it would be nice to change things such as charge time on sym orbs, how much ammo something takes, barriers only block_ , and you can allow things to travel through barriers. (IDk if you can do this yet cuz i haven’t messed around with workshop that much.)


I would like to have an action that determines the position of impact when something is fired; eg., soldier fires helix rockets and code returns the position where the rockets hit.


I would like to be able to spawn objects, like Torb’s turret or Mei’s ice wall