Workshop On Console

So I’ve seen so many things saying that Overwatch workshop has been released on both PC and console. I can find it on PC but it seems nonexistent on my Xbox One. Clarification or help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Thats strange. Its up on my Xbox

If you go to custom games, create a game, and then settings the workshop should be the last option. Also in custom games when you see the orange hammer it means it was made in the workshop

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I have the same problem.
I have no option on Xbox but I have it on PC.

Messaged Blizzard and they said:

I’ve just checked further but I am unable to find any issue similar to missing workshop option. We hope you can directly post the issue toward the forum for our Dev Team to take a further look.

Same. I checked further and apparently one of the problems with the early version of it is that some people, mostly on console, don’t have workshop.

I fully re-installed my game a few hours ago.
Any idea on how to get it working?

Could you make sure that you don’t have any UGC restrictions on your account?

Also, are you using a sub account by chance?

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I don’t know what a UGC restriction is and what do you mean by sub account?
Sorry, you’ll have to elaborate.

I don’t think I have any kind of restriction on my account.
It says I don’t have access to workshop when I try to join friends that are using it.
The option just isn’t there when I go to settings.

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i have the same issue but then i remembered i use my brother’s account to play OW, which still has some child restrictions left over on it lol.

user-generated content restrictions (UGC) make workshop unavailable, even if you’re making the game.