Workshop: Nearest Walkable Position reports invalid data

Nearest Walkable Position is giving really incorrect data on the Death Match variants of some maps.

For example:

  • The high ground over the church on Dorado returns “null”.
  • The whole area next to point A of Horizon is null.
  • All of the high ground on Oasis City Center is ignored and reports the ground below it.
  • Most of the high ground on Ilios Ruins is ignored.

I’m sure there are others, but those are the big ones that caused me issues. I made this workshop code [F00VG] to help find these locations. The latter two seem like navmesh issues, the former are just very strange and broken and cause pretty severe issues.

There are some places in the regular versions of some maps that report incorrect data (such as the box on the high ground on first point Gibraltar) but for the most part they seem consistently correct.