[Workshop Modes] Delwion's Workshop Modes

Instructions and share codes for all my workshop modes (new modes will always be published here first; all share codes were renewed on December 23rd 2020 and will work for at least 6 months after that date):

PvE RPG Modes

World of Overwatch (v2.6.3 - description in separate thread)
Loot Quest (v7.5.1.8 - description in separate thread)

Other PvE Modes

Genji Quest (v1.2)
Genji Quest II (v1.6.1)
Robot Strike Volskaya (v1.3)
Super Tracer World (v1.4)
Super Tracer World 2 (v1.4.1)
Super Tracer World 3 (v1.1)
Super Space Force (v1.2.2 - description in separate thread)


Château with Items (v1.0)
Hunted - Gibraltar (v1.0 - description in separate thread)
Counterwatch_Rialto (v2.0 - description in separate thread)


The Overseer (v1.2)
Ilios Fair Target Practice (v1.0)
Paris Memory (v1.0)
LĂşcio custom damage boost aura example

PTR Extensions Overview

I typed all of this in manually, so please correct me if you find any mistakes:

Settings that grant Extension points

Extensions currently on PTR


I was a beta tester :speak_no_evil:

Thanks for your help with testing :slight_smile:

can u replace the effect for the green shell by an “OOF” in world text? :thinking:

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You mean the explosion? Or the green sphere itself? :slight_smile:

Anyway, the game mode unfortunately isn’t very stable, even the racing car movement alone is pretty heavy on resources, so I currently don’t have any plans to make changes to it. It’s more like a tech demo rather than a full playable mode at the moment. I may be looking into making modes with a racing car movement again when the next workshop update goes live. Possibly, the new “Transforming Throttle” could be helpful for this. But not sure, I haven’t tested it yet :slight_smile:

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i thought it would look funny lol, if u would shoot projectiles that r words (:

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Could make damage number projectiles that appear when you hit an enemy in RPG modes :slight_smile:


You know, like in some RPGs, when you deal damage to an enemy, a text appears, showing the amount of damage that was dealt, and the text slowly rises or drops to the ground and bounces off a bit (see the combat in Final Fantasy 6 for example). Could do that with in-world texts in Overwatch, so you always see how much damage you dealt to an enemy :slight_smile:

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or u can just do small messege xD. nah i meant like imagine if instead of symmetra shooting balls she shooted big OOFs :D

Ok, that sounds fun :slight_smile:

Edit: I quickly replaced the spheres with oofs to see how it looks: KZTXK :slight_smile:

What is, or should i saw was, code: 9992-9886-9751-8510-3170-4209-6683-4712-4994-0894, and why dose it do nothing? It it just the code for a base tracer, did you ban it due to an exploit? If you dont answer thats fine

Please do not post save codes here on the forums. It ruins the game mode for other players.

The tutorial completion reward is a code that allows players to start the game at level 1 with 50 gold.

Hey there, is it a way to be able to see the health bars from mobs in regulars maps? because it is really a pain not to see what we deal to them and its really discouraging long term. we can see the health bars from arreat summit bosses, but not standart mobs … :frowning:

Thank you in advance

Hi :slight_smile:

There is unfortunately a problem with custom enemy outlines that are always visible which can cause the default Overwatch health bars to no longer appear.

It can be avoided in Loot Quest if you set the Custom Enemy Outlines setting (under Visual Effects in the workshop settings) to either Disabled or Enabled (Default Visibility) before starting a match. This should make enemy health bars appear as normal again (though enemy outlines then can no longer be seen through walls).

Edit: I’ve now changed the default value for custom enemy outlines in all LQ scripts to Enabled (Default Visibility) so players should no longer encounter this problem unless they manually change the setting back to Enabled (Always Visible).

Super Tracer World 3 appears to have a soft-lock.

Spoiler, I guess?

Killing the two Orisas with Rip-Tire before the 3rd batch of stars is collected causes the Mei spot that would block Widow’s LoS to disappear, which makes it impossible to pass through.
Also pressing ultimate/interact too fast after their effects run out leaves me unable to transform into another character again until I restart the match.

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I’m getting calibration error when I try to load up and play the loot quest game mode. It was working before the update happened.

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Thanks for reporting this problem.

I’ve updated the Loot Quest scripts to v7.5.1.3. The calibration should work again now, and players should be able to find items with Illari and encounter Illari AI bots on maps with random enemies.