[Workshop Modes] Delwion's Workshop Modes [Updated regularly]

Instructions and share codes for all my workshop modes (new modes will always be published here first):

PvE RPG Modes

World of Overwatch (v2.5.7 - description in separate thread)
Loot Quest (v4.3.3 - description in separate thread)

Other PvE Modes

Genji Quest (v1.2)
Genji Quest II (v1.6.1)
Robot Strike Volskaya (v1.3)
Super Tracer World (v1.4)
Super Tracer World 2 (v1.4.1)
Super Tracer World 3 (v1.1)
Super Space Force (v1.2 - description in separate thread)


Château with Items (v1.0)
Hunted - Gibraltar (v1.0 - description in separate thread)
Counterwatch_Rialto (v1.0 - description in separate thread)


The Overseer (v1.2)
Ilios Fair Target Practice (v1.0)
Paris Memory (v1.0)

High risk of crashes

Zaryakart - Green Shell Battle (v1.0)

Most recent changes (13th February 2020):
I’ve completely rewritten the scripts for Loot Quest and World of Overwatch on PTR!

I will release the new versions soon after the workshop version that is currently on PTR goes live (which will hopefully be within the next few weeks). If all goes well, both game modes should be a lot more stable in their new version. LQ also got some new features and some old features back while WoO was rebalanced so high level enemies can no longer move at light speed or one-hit kill players :slight_smile:


I was a beta tester :speak_no_evil:

Thanks for your help with testing :slight_smile:

can u replace the effect for the green shell by an “OOF” in world text? :thinking:

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You mean the explosion? Or the green sphere itself? :slight_smile:

Anyway, the game mode unfortunately isn’t very stable, even the racing car movement alone is pretty heavy on resources, so I currently don’t have any plans to make changes to it. It’s more like a tech demo rather than a full playable mode at the moment. I may be looking into making modes with a racing car movement again when the next workshop update goes live. Possibly, the new “Transforming Throttle” could be helpful for this. But not sure, I haven’t tested it yet :slight_smile:

i thought it would look funny lol, if u would shoot projectiles that r words (:

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Could make damage number projectiles that appear when you hit an enemy in RPG modes :slight_smile:


You know, like in some RPGs, when you deal damage to an enemy, a text appears, showing the amount of damage that was dealt, and the text slowly rises or drops to the ground and bounces off a bit (see the combat in Final Fantasy 6 for example). Could do that with in-world texts in Overwatch, so you always see how much damage you dealt to an enemy :slight_smile:

or u can just do small messege xD. nah i meant like imagine if instead of symmetra shooting balls she shooted big OOFs :D

Ok, that sounds fun :slight_smile:

Edit: I quickly replaced the spheres with oofs to see how it looks: KZTXK :slight_smile: