[Workshop Modes] Delwion's Workshop Modes [Updated regularly]

Instructions and share codes for all my workshop modes (new modes will always be published here first):

PvE RPG Modes

World of Overwatch (v2.6.3 - description in separate thread)
Loot Quest (v7.0 - description in separate thread)

Other PvE Modes

Genji Quest (v1.2)
Genji Quest II (v1.6.1)
Robot Strike Volskaya (v1.3)
Super Tracer World (v1.4)
Super Tracer World 2 (v1.4.1)
Super Tracer World 3 (v1.1)
Super Space Force (v1.2 - description in separate thread)


Château with Items (v1.0)
Hunted - Gibraltar (v1.0 - description in separate thread)
Counterwatch_Rialto (v1.0 - description in separate thread)


The Overseer (v1.2)
Ilios Fair Target Practice (v1.0)
Paris Memory (v1.0)
Lúcio custom damage boost aura example

High risk of crashes

Zaryakart - Green Shell Battle (v1.0)

Most recent changes (04/20/2020):

  • Loot Quest has been updated to version 6.0.5.
  • World of Overwatch has been updated to version 2.6.3.

I was a beta tester :speak_no_evil:

Thanks for your help with testing :slight_smile:

can u replace the effect for the green shell by an “OOF” in world text? :thinking:

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You mean the explosion? Or the green sphere itself? :slight_smile:

Anyway, the game mode unfortunately isn’t very stable, even the racing car movement alone is pretty heavy on resources, so I currently don’t have any plans to make changes to it. It’s more like a tech demo rather than a full playable mode at the moment. I may be looking into making modes with a racing car movement again when the next workshop update goes live. Possibly, the new “Transforming Throttle” could be helpful for this. But not sure, I haven’t tested it yet :slight_smile:

i thought it would look funny lol, if u would shoot projectiles that r words (:

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Could make damage number projectiles that appear when you hit an enemy in RPG modes :slight_smile:


You know, like in some RPGs, when you deal damage to an enemy, a text appears, showing the amount of damage that was dealt, and the text slowly rises or drops to the ground and bounces off a bit (see the combat in Final Fantasy 6 for example). Could do that with in-world texts in Overwatch, so you always see how much damage you dealt to an enemy :slight_smile:

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or u can just do small messege xD. nah i meant like imagine if instead of symmetra shooting balls she shooted big OOFs :D

Ok, that sounds fun :slight_smile:

Edit: I quickly replaced the spheres with oofs to see how it looks: KZTXK :slight_smile: