[Workshop Mode] World of Overwatch - PvE RPG Grind [v2.6.3]

I can see where you are coming from when it comes to lower levels having trouble leveling up since they might not pick the damage upgrade, and it totally makes sense.

But my point with the final boss having a troublesome combo still stands (the one that I couldn’t kill and was frustrating was soldier:76 with a Holy radius size of Ilios well and could kill a Maxed upgraded D.va in a few normal shots). Is there a way to ask for a nerf on the final boss when it comes to Holy (or Holy in general), or when it comes to the server being saturated with Leader enemies since I noticed they seem to pop-up or simply survive more often in the end and it creates a problem when you’re setting up for when the speed demon of a final boss is on his way, and as soon as you start to attack him, suddenly 4 wild Leaders have appeared because they all have the stealth perk. And to top it all off; they have Freeze too (sadly this was true with the soldier:76 boss). Maybe have a limit to the amount of leaders alive at once, kinda like how there can only be one boss?

Sorry if I sound kinda ranty; it was a bad experience since I tried to kill him for about an hour and only got close twice. I was even cooperating with a fellow high level and we both gave up…#nerfholy

The final boss is supposed to be very hard, but not impossible to kill. I’m working on a few balance changes now while optimizing the script.

(Leaders spawn more often in the Starcraft and Diablo zones, and their spawn rate also increases with player level).

(Edit: As for holy, there is at least one thing that lets you survive the 10k damage it deals. But yes, would be better if it had more than one counter.)

Maybe try nerfing it’s extra damage reduction it gives the bosses. You know, keep it simple for now. I tried to look for Holy specifically in your workshop coding; but I couldn’t find it to see if my idea would work. I was going to try 25% added damage reduction instead of 50% so see if that works; or not since afterall, it is your gamemode.

Thanks for making my all time fav game mode on workshop

I would like to request some things

Now i do understand it’s meant to be a challenge, but most of my team mates leave after dying constantly, bosses just delete them from my lobby

Would it be possible to make bosses do less dmg, like… 30% less dmg or 50%? their hp is ok

Has for npcs same applies, can you reduce the dmg by 10%? only 10… because reapers, bastions, torbs just delete my team mates from the lobby.

You can make a diffrent code for this, called easy mode, and normal mode , normal being the one we have atm.

Another request, would it be possible to add a blue sphere that gives healing per dmg done, so when we do dmg , we heal like reaper does? thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

My idea was to make the game progressively more difficult towards higher levels, so it would actually require players to work together (if more than one player is playing). At level 60+, teams were suppoed to have at least some shields from Rein, Orisa, Winston, Sigma, or Zarya, have a healer like Lucio, Zen, or Brigitte (who can spam their ults with a few points in extra ult charge) or use Baptiste’s Immortality sphere or Mercy’s custom AoE rez. At least one person could have a high level Freeze ability to slow down bosses and another some levels in Poison to make them unable to heal, etc.

However, I’ve noticed that - for some reason - the game mode just seems to suggest to players that they never need to do any of that ^^

I do realize that even if a team were to play together, it can still be very frustrating and unfair to get one-shotted by bosses or champions who move at super high speed (often players get killed without doing anything wrong, it was just bad luck with respawn). However, I just couldn’t think of a better way to make the game more difficult. Making the AI more intelligent was not an option. Boosting enemy health would just make enemies bullet sponges, but not more challenging. Boosting all stats except for speed also would make the mode too easy.

So that was my reasoning behind the design decisions. But I’ll consider rebalancing the game mode or making an alternative version (along with optimizing the script) in the near future (right now I’m working on improving Loot Quest :slight_smile: on PTR)

(Edit: It should be possible to add more effects to WoO with the update to workshop that is now on PTR).

(Edit 2: What I would like to do for the next version is certainly increase time to kill (enemies take longer to kill players), reduce max speed (for enemies), and probably slightly nerf healing.)

i noticed, that if i go to heros (not workshop) and edit their dmg reduction, hp, dmg it affects the mod, does this cause glitches?

would be awesome if you could make npcs have a burning effect on their head, just so they look less like overwatch characters, however too much scripts can cause the game to crash right?

As far as I know, multipliers from custom game mode settings are multiplied with the ones called from a script (so if you set damage dealt to 50% in game mode settings, for example, and the script sets damage dealt to 50%, then the final value used will be 25%).

So it shouldn’t cause any major problems that I can think of right now, except for one: heroes with active damage reduction effects (such as nanoboost or Bastion’s Sentry/Tank configuration) have a final damage received value that is internally limited (at least that was the case the last time I tested it). So with low damage received % values, players may suddenly take more damage when a damage reduction effect is active.

There isn’t really a burning flame effect, but you could place a red or orange bad aura effect at the eye position of a player (once the workshop update from PTR goes live, I believe a change like that could be added without risking server crashes).

i was touching damage reduction on “team 2” and it legit felt like enemies were taking less dmg
granted i was using genji… he just gets deleted

i’m trying to not touch dmg reductions, and just increase a bit hp
for heroes like rein, brig, mei, they do no dmg to the npcs, anyways, thanks for the replies :smiley:

the other rpg you made with item drops is awesome, but it suffers from a problem

no one knows what to do, legit wish there were instructions here and there

and no , no one reads the description on the lobby…:frowning:

I know that Loot Quest is very unfriendly to new players at the moment. I only removed the texts because I thought it might reduce the risk of server crashes.

In the latest version on PTR, each station has an in-world text again (and there are many other improvements :slight_smile: ).

the pve one, where i’m posting, world of overwatch, always crashes when enemies reach lvl 90

excessive load something, i have been insulted because of it

i had reached lv 90 enemies 4 times already, and there’s always a excessive server load

maybe the last boss crashes the server? never saw it

I’m sorry, that’s because the script is using too much performance from the server after a while. The workshop update that is currently on PTR should help avoid these crashes once it goes live and I will try to update and optimize the script again as soon as I can in the days after that!

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you are a god man, thank you, hope the item one becomes more user friendly ,

also please add maps to the mods that are event, like winter, halloween, new year

because players see those maps less time, than the regular ones

thank you, huge hug