[Workshop mode] Super smash bros

I have been making a Super smash bros game mode. It’s not perfect but I am also not done making, I want people to test out to make sure everything works well. Game code is RGTY4.

Some things to know:

Characters have a different amount of mid a jumps like in smash, example is Cassidy has 3 while Rein has 1

Different characters take different amounts of knockback, example is Hog takes half the knockback of the Cassidy when both are at 50%

All damage increase damage%

You gain ult charge by killing enemies, and damaging them like in normal OW but it is very reduces. Some moves and attacks give extra ult charge, example is hitting genji dash gives and extra 0.5 ult charge

Different moves have different amounts and types of knockback, example is genji dash knocks enemies hit backwards and up, Cassidy grenade knocks backwards and down, and Rein fire strike knocks you backwords

Things im trying to impove upon:

Only moves with built in knockback like Doom punch count to kills when you knock someone off the map but moves like genji dash doesnt, I am working to fix this but I am pretty stupid so it’s taking longer than it should but I do have some ideas

It’s not balanced, i’m not good at balancing and most of my friends can’t play often so alot of testing is against bots who don’t know how to double jump so you might find it easy to stay alive. Also healing inst balanced, i always found it kinda bad and annoying if it didnt heal the damage% at the same rate damage increase the damage% but when they are equal it becomes an annoying run away and slowly kill your enemies for characters that ate hard to combo kills with, like zen


Genji: fast and mobile
4 jumps
dash knock enemies up and backwords while teleporting you to them when the first get knocked up, applies a stun, and gives extra ult

Cassidy: The baseline character, isn’t but isn’t slow, isn’t heavy but isn’t light
3 jumps
secondary fire knocks enemies down and backwards
grenade knocks enemies down and backwords and stuns, also gices extra ult
roll when used in air flings you up

Doom: heavy and mobile
2 jumps
slam knocks enemies up and back, gives extra ult, and applies stun
big punch, knocks enemies down and back; applies stun, and gives extra ult
Block charges faster, any damage taken ends block, lowers cooldown, stuns enemy, and gives speed and jump boost but if you take no damage in 1 sec it ends early, stuns you, and damages you

Zen: fast and floaty
3 jumos
damage done heals you slighly
sec fire stuns enemies hit
pri fire sends enemies downwards

soj: high damage and moblie
jumps 2
rail stuns, knocks back, and gives ult charge
ball gives ult and knocks enemies upwards

Rein: Tank
jumps 1
Charge is faster
fire knocks you the opposite way you are looking, knocks enemies back, knocks enemies up, and gives extra ult
hammer gives extra ult and knocks up and back

Rein: very heavy, mobile, and annoying
(definitely badly balanced and annoying)
1 jump
sec fire stuns enemies, pulls enemies to you, and pushes you forward when you are in the air
pri fire stuns enemies, knocks them away, and knocks you backwards when in the air

Reaper: mobile, draws out fights,
pri fire, everh time you shoot you increase your charge meter, once it is at 100% and you shoot again you gain temp extra damage
phase heals you during it
teleport makes you invisible
ult stuns enemies, knocks them down and back

All characters:
melee quick melee stuns and knocks back enemies
any sort of communication activates a dodge, example pinging, voice lines, emotes
black outline while dodging
white outline while stunned

best played with at least 2 real players, bots are stupid
not made for more than 2 players but you can play with mofe

Thank you for reading and checking out my game - LubLoob