[Workshop Mode] Loot Quest - PvE RPG w Save Codes [v7.5.1.8]

I’ve updated Loot Quest to version now. It should be playable again, but expect some bugs :slight_smile:

(There’s no changes from version, except for bugfixes and the AI has been updated to support new heroes and ability changes. Players should be able to find items with all new heroes, too now. Some existing save codes will load with a different hero:
Ashe > Sojourn
Echo > Ashe
Baptiste > Echo
Sigma > Baptiste)

Known Issues
  • Nearest walkable position doesn’t work in the first part of King’s Row. Enemy spawn, loot drops, and the teleport special ability will not work correctly there.
  • Ana enemies will always use nanoboost on themselves.
  • The “AI” is not very clever :slight_smile:

I used to play this mode for hours, thank you so much for continuing to update it even after all this time! :heart:

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Echoing the post above! Thank you very much for making this work on the newest version of the game! Would love to see the new maps implemented if you get the time/motivation for it again!

Edit: Looks like JQ has an empty clip so you can’t left click with her period?


Yeah it seems some of the new heroes have clip size issues. Other than that the mode works great, so thanks again!

Thanks for the bug report.

I’ve updated the scripts to version Most problems with Ammo and Max Ammo should now be fixed, except for the following (which I cannot fix):

  • Set Max Ammo currently does not work for Reaper, Bastion, and Ramattra.
  • Set Ammo currently does not work for Ramattra.
Current bugs with *Get Max Ammo* in workshop that can be circumvented

Update: I’ve missed a small bug. The newest version of Loot Quest is now


i thought the bugs revolving with ammo actions have been resolved? as here?

Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023:

According to what I’ve seen, those bugs are still in the game (or they are new bugs - I don’t know if they were in the previous version).

Here is a very simple test mode that allows you to see most of them:

  • Press Interact to change hero
  • Press Jump to set max ammo to 100 in both clips
  • Press Melee to set ammo to 100 in both clips
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ugh, i should’ve guessed so. Ability Charge still doesn’t work for Reinhardt either.

small indie dev team :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

Hey @Delwion , i hope you’re still active. The most recent update to overwatch that introduces season 7, the Halloween event, and the Sombra rework seems to have broken loot quest’s calibration on combat maps.
Calibration fails on these maps with the message please try again with default settings.
Here’s the patch notes page for the convenience of fixing what blizzard changed.

Maps that fail calibration
All Regular Maps (only tested 6 of them so im assuming)
All Adventure Maps (i tested all of them)
Arreat Summit
All Elite Maps (tested all)
Cow Level
Raid 1
Raid 2
Raid 3
Raid 5
Fishing and Herb, Hanamura Winter

These maps do not fail calibration
Most Fish and Herb (tested 6/11)
Raid 4
Code Conversion

There is a typo in the training map. Towards the end of the training after you collect a lucky charm there is a tutorial message that says “JUST A FEW MORE ENEMIES SNOW!” instead of “JUST A FEW MORE ENEMIES NOW!

The tutorial taught me, a long time player, that you can teleport with reload+interact and not just communicate:hello
It also taught me that save codes include the gold value of unsold items in your inventory.


Thank you for reporting all this. I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Edit: I’ve updated the scripts to version now.

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thank you so much for the quick reply and update, you’re awesome. that message from misery was from me btw, its my alt. i wasnt able to log out when i posted it. i ended up having to clear my browser cookies from this site to log me out. odd. I’ll be sure to report anything else i find here as well. thanks again.

Hey @Delwion, I am trying to play the game for the first time in a while. I am getting an error saying the calibration failed is there anything I can do?

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve updated the scripts and they should work again now.

They added in Mauga of which they are going to remove so I can’t even play again because CALIBRATION FAILED LOL

Can someone tell me how to sell Jordan stones and how to get a legendary character more easily? Thanks, I’m level 70 but I still don’t fully understand the game

From the manual:

The more legendary item drops all players get combined in a match, the better the chance that a special boss will spawn when a boss is summoned. (At least 3 legendary drops in a match are required for any chance of a special boss to spawn; every legendary drop after 3 increases that chance by 6.67%).

Magic Find increases a player’s chance to get a legendary item drop:

So my advice would be to play with other players if you can, to try and keep your Horadric Favor by not saving too often, and to summon bosses if you can for the 50‰ Magic Find boss kill bonus.

If you have a nice item with a blue visual effect, you can use that as well for a additional 50‰ Magic Find.

I am sad to announce the passing of my dear brother Delwion, the original creator of this mod, age 40. He died after a brief illness and an unexpected subsequent complication.
He was a gentle, selfless man who loved bringing joy to others. I meant a lot to him, that you all enjoyed playing his mod. He will be deeply missed.
On his deathbed he asked me to inform you of his demise, so you won’t be expecting any upgrades by him for this mod.
May you be granted the peace you deserve.

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I’m Sorry to hear about that, my condolences. i hope you and your family are doing okay

I am so sad to hear about your brother. Delwion single handedly made me get through covid and handle a lot of depression. Rest in peace, you amazing soul.

Is there any plan to have someone else take over the game mode and get it back up and running? let me know if so - Ill pay people to build it again

I did not expect to see this coming back to the thread. We lost a great man.