[Workshop Mode] Loot Quest - PvE RPG w Save Codes [v7.5.1.8]

can there please for the love of god be a tp so I can go back and save i was spamming i need healing for 20 minutes before being able to go back i know i could have killed myself(I just wanted to upgrade my hero thats it) but that defeats the purpose doesnt it? the ÿoure still in combat"" is janky ill be on the other side of the map and the enemies are in narnia and itll say im still in combat its really annoying so have you thought of just using teleporters and the i need healing? it would be really nice tbh

Players are out of combat when they have not taken or dealt any damage or knockbacks for 3 seconds (5 seconds in raids). When your character starts regenerating health, you can be sure you are out of combat.

Spamming “I need healing” will lead to the Player Is Communicating condition not triggering anymore (this is a restriction of Overwatch/workshop in general). If you target another player in your team, some Player Is Communicating conditions also will not trigger (another restriction of Overwatch/workshop).

So wait at least 2 seconds after using a communication action before using the next one, and make sure you don’t target another player of your team.

I have no plans to change how the town portal mechanics work, at the moment.

Just curious do you know if there are any other creators making a game like this? I beat this game pretty much got everything finished all of the content but couldn’t find any other workshop mode like this I know it takes a lot of time to actually make this but was just wondering

I’m the wrong person to ask since I never really played anyone else’s game modes (I was always idiotically focused on working on my own projects).

The website workshop.codes might be a good place to discover new game modes I think.

Hey man love the game and all the fixes you’ve made! Absolutely amazing but I renewed my special unique echo and the normal maps are crashing every time I get a kill.

Are you 100% sure you were playing the latest version of the script when the crashes happened (updated about 5 days ago)? Previous versions will currently crash due to a problem with the Continue action (see [Workshop] Continue inside for/while loop jumps to if).

I will try again thank you for the advice I’m prolly just dumb​:joy::pray:

Hello, calibration keeps failing on the latest versions I try.

Thanks for the report. I will fix this as soon as possible.

Edit: I have a fix that works. Will upload the new scripts in about 15-30 minutes.

Edit 2: All scripts have been updated and should work again now.

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i want to go to version 3.2 of loot quest. but the share code changed what is it

Is loot quest coming to Overwatch 2? I miss the game mode and it is currently broken in OW2. :frowning:

Can’t make any promises, but if I get the time and if it’s possible I would like to update it at some point. At the moment I don’t want to spend too much time on it until workshop in general feels fully updated to OW2.

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If you ever start working on it please, let me know, I used to play this for hours on call with my freinds, and I miss those memories and the game mode, I love the ammount of love and dedication you put into it, but if it feels too tiring (which it probably is) I totally understand if you choose to not update it.

If you posted a GitHub with the workshop code maybe someone could port it

How did you edit this with the workshop currently unavailable?

It’s a good game. As a Taiwanese,In overwatch 1, I spent a lot of time translating into Chinese and getting many players to join it I like this game very much. I hope to play your game as soon as possible.


Commercial Lead Jon Spector confirmed that Workshop will be relaunching in Season 3.

“We wanted to make sure we had good moderation and reporting tools in place for the updated version,” Executive Producer Jared Neuss explained. “We know that it’s frustrating for people. As in any game, this is a dedicated group of folks who create stuff that a bunch of people get to enjoy.”

Does this mean Loot Quest will be ported to OW2?

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Workshop is back in overwatch 2, if the developer doesn’t pick it back up i’d love to see someone else be willing to try and fix spawn locations and such or what ever be the matter. some maps drop you out of the world immediately and all maps say calibration failed and buttons dont work.
Honestly i’ll take a look and see what i think but i might get lost in the sauce.

There’s currently some bugs in workshop that I’d like to see fixed before I update Loot Quest:

  • Most “Is Communicating” conditions currently do not work. This makes many important actions in Loot Quest unusable (town portal, summoning bosses, teleport special ability, seeing item stats, equipping an item, etc.).
  • Map settings do not copy from/to the clipboard correctly (possibly there’s also problems when importing/saving them from a code).
  • D.Va dummy bots are invincible under certain circumstances (not sure yet what exactly causes this).
  • HUD texts appear in different locations, compared to OW1.

Issues with Loot Quest (most of them are fixable):

  • The “calibration” will always fail since it’s based on outdated values.
  • The Loot Quest “AI” does not support OW2 heroes and ability changes from OW2.
  • Loot Quest does not support OW2 maps.
  • The position of some heroes in the “All Heroes” array has changed, so some old savegames will now load with a different hero.
  • Many more that will only come to light after extensive testing.

Honestly thought you wouldn’t come back to this thread. Either way, I feel like that will get patched after some time or if the workshop is given some more attention. Just a matter of waiting for now.