[Workshop Mode] Loot Quest - Long-term PvE RPG with Save Codes [v3.4]


A while ago, Drakorle had told me about the idea to save progress in custom Overwatch game modes with a password system. I loved this idea, but decided not to add it to my World of Overwatch game mode since that mode, in the end, wasn’t designed around a slower, MMORPG-like progress system anymore.

I have however made a new RPG mode now that allows players to save progress with a password system and includes another mechanic that I couldn’t implement in World of Overwatch anymore: individual player loot!

Loot Quest – the Eternal Hunt (by Delwion#2667)

Share Code (v3.4): 8C4D06

  • Select the map you wish to play on and add 6 AI bots (see below) before starting a match.
  • The host can change enemy difficulty by pressing Interact (F) and Ultimate (Q) + Interact (F) while standing in the yellow circle in town.
Map Initial enemy difficulty setting (can be changed by the host)
Eichenwalde 0-12
Blizzard World (+Winter) 3-15
Numbani 6-18
Dorado 9-21
Paris 12-24
Havana 15-27
Junkertown 18-30
Hollywood (+Halloween) 21-33
Hanamura (+Winter) 24-36
Rialto 27-39
Route 66 30-42
Volskaya Industries 33-45
Watchpoint: Gibraltar 36-48
Horizon Lunar Colony 39-51
King’s Row (+Winter) 42-54
Temple of Anubis 45-57
Eichenwalde (Halloween) 48+
Changelog 3.4
  • Loot quest uses custom strings now and is thus no longer automatically translated into other languages (it’s English only for now).
  • Bosses are marked with a skull icon again (that cannot be seen through walls).
  • An new small message informs players now when a boss or a champion spawns.
  • The Winter and Halloween versions of previously supported maps are now also playable and have the same default enemy difficulty as their regular versions with the exception of Eichenwalde (Halloween) which by default is the highest level map now (recommended for lv 48+ players).
  • The host of a custom game can now change the enemy difficulty of the current map by pressing Interact (F) and Ultimate (Q) + Interact (F) while standing inside the yellow circle of the Buy Boss Summon Stones station in town (doesn’t work when a boss is currently alive or has been summoned). Enemies that have already spawned are unaffected by this change.
  • The stations in town are now marked with in-world-text descriptions.
Share Codes of v3.3.3 + 3.3.4

Share Code (v3.3.4): FZ2DH

Share Code (v3.3.3): 4PFF1
(Alternative version 3.3.3 where items are sold with Emote up and Voice line up instead of Interact: YZ323)

_New, single-script version, including the data of all 16 maps.

Changelog 3.3.3
  • Optimized usage of temporary arrays: Several rules use global variables now to store temporary arrays instead of player variables (this includes the rules that roll item stats, display a save code, equip a player item, and load a saved state).
Changelog 3.3.2
  • Loot will be created after a wait time of 0.25-1.0 seconds now with a different wait time for each player (this is another attempt to reduce server load peaks and render the game mode more stable).
  • Enemies of the lowest ranks will now deal about 25% less damage to make the game mode more friendly towards new players. Damage of higher rank enemies remains practically unchanged compared to version 3.3.1.
  • When too many enemies have died from falling into a pit, any further enemies that fall into a pit will no longer award any XP or loot to players until a certain amount of enemies has died from regular damage again.
Changelog 3.3.1
  • Improved balancing: the game should get progressively more challenging now.
  • Minor changes that may help to slightly reduce the risk of server crashes.
  • Fixed an error in player variables of team 1 that occured when switching to the heroic version of Eichenwalde.
Changelog 3.3
  • The data of all maps are included in a single script now. Select the map you wish to play on before you start the game. Loading a level 50+ savegame on Eichenwalde will switch to the heroic version of the map.
  • All players who haven’t saved for a few minutes when only 2 minutes of the match are left, will receive a burning status effect to remind them of saving their progress (effect appears on on all maps now; previously only on Eichenwalde).
  • Healing any ally will now make the healer eligible for loot and XP from all the enemies the healed ally had damaged or taken damage from (once every 2 seconds). This should allow players who prefer to play as pure healers to do so without missing out on any loot or XP.
  • Dead players can no longer pick up loot.
  • The “2/1 min remaining”, level up, and boss summon messages are now small messages instead of big messages, so they can no longer hide/replace a big message displaying a player’s save code on screen.
Share Codes (v3.2):

Save codes from older versions will not be valid anymore (see changelog 3.2)!

  • Eichenwalde (Lv1-12): E3X1N (start with this as new player; old version without burning effect warning: XZ8VP)
  • Blizzard World (Lv3-15): NW4HD
  • Numbani (Lv6-18): 9V2PE
  • Dorado (Lv9-21): 2164D
  • Paris (Lv12-24): N5SBY
  • Havana (Lv15-27): HFS3G
  • Junkertown (Lv18-30): P03BF
  • Hollywood (Lv21-33): JXV9Q
  • Hanamura (Lv24-36): 5YD8N
  • Rialto (Lv27-39): AT920
  • Route 66 (Lv30-42): Z52ZN
  • Volskaya Industries (Lv33-45): MHNWY
  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Lv36-48): 8YXK8
  • Horizon Lunar Colony (Lv39-51): WF3DV
  • King’s Row (Lv42-54): CV8HC
  • Temple of Anubis (Lv45-57): 4DB5G
  • Eichenwalde - Hall of Heroes (Lv48+): N5GBD

Levels in brackets are recommended player levels for each map!

Changelog 3.2
  • Complete rebalance: In order to make the game truly a long-term progress RPG mode and prepare it for the addition of more maps, difficulty and loot have been completly rebalanced. Due to this change, old save codes will no longer be valid in version 3.2 or later.
  • Item scaling: Items will now scale according to the rank of the enemy that dropped the item, in the case of dropped loot, or according to the player’s level, in the case of crafted items and item upgrades. Only level 50 or higher items will have the same full power values that items previously had. This means that higher rank enemies will drop potentially better items and higher level players can obtain potentially better items from crafting and item upgrades.
  • Drop rates globally have been slightly reduced.
  • The cost and succes rate of item upgrades have been adjusted to better fit into the new system.
  • Items of ranks 5-2 (white, green, blue, and purple) now have much higher maximum bonus values for base stats (damage dealt, damage received, max health, move speed, and projectile speed) than before. Rank 1 (red) items, however, will still have the best maximum and average stat bonus values.
  • XP penalty: When a player dies, they now lose 2.5% of the total XP required to reach the next level. Levels cannot be lost in that way, however, and XP cannot fall below 0%.
Changelog 3.1.1
  • Bosses once again cannot die from falling into a pit anymore.
Changelog 3.1
  • Drop rates have been adjusted.
Changelog 3.0
  • Heroes are saved in a more efficient way now which unfortunately means that all savegames from prior versions will load with a different hero. All other values from previous savegames remain the same and the savegames are still valid (post version 1.3).
  • The total match time got reduced to 45 minutes to reduce the risk of crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where special abilities would sometimes get lost in the saving process.
  • Minimally increased the amount of damage that enemies deal to players.
Changelog v2.8.1
  • Loot on the ground is not “overwritten” anymore for performance reasons. when a player has 3 pieces of loot on the ground already, they cannot obtain any additonal drops until one of the 3 pieces was picked up or has disappeared.
Changelog v2.8
  • Minor fixes that hopefully help slightly reduce the risk of crashes.
Changelog v2.7
  • Cleaned up all global and player variables once again to minimize array sizes :slight_smile:
Changelog v2.6
  • The inventory size has been reduced to 1 (so players can now only carry 1 equippable item in addition to the item they currently have equipped).
  • Players can now sell the item in their inventory anywhere by pressing Interact (F key by default).
  • The stations in the spawn room are no longer labeled for performance reasons.
    White = Enter Save Code (to load a save state from a previous match)
    Yellow = Buy Boss Summon Items
    Blue = Craft an item (the player obtains a random item that is at least of green quality - rank 4)
    Red = Item Upgrade (the player can attempt to upgrade the item in their inventory to the next highest rank)
    Green = Obtain Save Code (limited to one code per minute)
  • Bosses will no longer be marked with an icon for performance reasons.
  • Fixed a bug with bosses and some high level enemies not spawning at full health.
  • Newly dropped loot will now replace loot on the ground: when there are 3 drops on the ground already and an enemy drops another loot unit (gold or item), then the piece of loot that has been on the ground the longest will disappear.
Why there will likely be no further updates for Loot Quest (outdated)

At this point, I do not think it’s possible for me to “correct” Loot Quest in a way that the crashes won’t happen anymore without greatly reducing the number of stats each item has - which would pretty much require me to rewrite the entire script; and even if I did that then there would be no guarantee that crashes won’t happen again. I’d rather spend those dozens of hours working on new workshop modes instead :slight_smile:

What I do know about the crashes:

  1. The number of players in team 2 doesn’t seem to matter. Crashes happen just as often when there is just one human player in team 2.
  2. Disabling all HUD texts or effects didn’t reduce the amount of crashes.
  3. Crashes happen mainly when a player obtains a higher grade item, loads a hero with a higher grade item, displays their password while carrying or wearing a higher grade item, or equips a higher grade item. The same actions also cause crashes when run repeatedly with lower grade items, but much slower.
  4. I can rule out any of the following actions that I suspected of being problematic. I did a test script where I would run each of these actions in a loop with a wait time of 0.016 seconds and that didn’t cause any issues for any of them:
  • Set damage dealt/damage received/healing received/max health/move speed/projectile speed (all of them at the same time, every 0.016 seconds)
  • Start heal over time
  • Stop all heal over time (also in combination with the previous one)
  • Set status to frozen
  • Clear status frozen (also in combination with the previous one)
  • Teleport to nearest walkable position (which was a random position near the player’s current position in this test)
  • Set secondary fire/ability 1/ability 2/ultimate ability enabled on/off
  • Set player variable A at index 50 to 999.999 and immediately after that set player variable A to 0 (does not cause problems even when done with multiple variables every 0.016 seconds)
  1. Deleting all rules with conditions that compare values to match time did not help with the crashes.
  2. Deleting the boss altitude check did not help with crashes.
  3. Removing the “#Enemy Respawn” rule from the game did help with crashes, but that’s likely because no bot was anywhere near a player so the AI was disabled. Removing only the “filtered array” actions from the “#Enemy Respawn” rule did not reduce the amount of crashes.
  4. Removing the “Player Dealt Damage” rule the is run very often did not help prevent the crashes.

So at this point, I’m really out of ideas, and I’ve tried pretty much everything that wouldn’t compromise the two core parts of this game mode: loot and the password system. I suspect the main cause of the problem is too many player variables which unfortunately would make it impossible for me to fix the game mode without changing everything (which again means I would have to start from scratch again with no guarantee that this time, there wouldn’t be any crashes). So that is why I probably won’t be working on any future updates of this game mode anymore, sorry ><

If you find non crash-related bugs in the current version, I will try to fix those of course :slight_smile:

Changelog v2.5
  • The Player Buying and Player Selling stations were removed from the game.
  • All stations in the spawn room will now activate with crouch (and not crouch + interact anymore).
  • The number of teleporters has been reduced from 5 to 2.
  • Large parts of the script were completely redone in the hope of reducing the risk of server crashes (these changes won’t be noticable).
Changelog v2.3
  • Enemies respawn faster now and the maximum x/z distance to the reference player has been reduced from 20 to 17.
  • Corrected an error in the message that is displayed when a player sells an item to another player (the item rank was displayed incorrectly).
Changelog v2.2
  • Many small changes have been made to the script to hopefully further reduce the risk of crashes (in particular, the actions for enter code mode, for getting a player’s current station in the spawn room, and enemy respawn underwent a lot of changes).
  • Equipping an item is now only possible in the spawn room again, will freeze a player for 7 seconds, and prevent the player from performing any complex actions for 10 seconds.
  • The password (ultimate status command) can only be displayed while in the spawn room now.
  • All stations in the spawn room have longer delays now until they can be used again (and an additional wait time before they can be used for the first time after stepping into them).
  • There will no longer be a message visible for all players when a player failed or successfully completed an item upgrade.
  • The town portal command (need healing) has been added to the game again.
  • You should never get the same enemy twice in a row now when playing solo :slight_smile: (this was a side-effect from reorganizing the enemy spawn actions).
  • Enemy stats are once again updated for enemies that spawned already when the number of players in team 2 has changed.
  • Fixed a bug with XP: In the previous version, players would always get an XP bonus as if all the players in the game had contributed to defeating an enemy (now the XP bonus actually depends on the number of players who dealt damage to or took damage from an enemy, as it was intended).
  • (Hopefully) fixed selling items to other players (it was broken in the since the updated that had reduced the inventory size from 20 to 10; this needs further testing to confirm it’s working).
  • Fixed a bug that made all enemies rank 5 (the weakest rank).
  • Fixed a bug with the boss icon not disappearing if a boss despawned due to inactivity.
  • Fixed a bug with boss spawn (bosses didn’t spawn reliably anymore in games with more than 1 player).
Changelog v2.0
  • A lot of changes have been made in the hope of reducing the number of server crashes:
  • The UI has been greatly simplified. All HUD texts are now permanent and always white (and not in the color of the item grade anymore).
  • The old permanent visual effect was replaced with 16 new temporary effects that appear on the player’s position once every 2 seconds when the player is dealing damage. Items from existing passwords that previously had a visual effect will now have one of the new visual effects 1-12 (the game previously rolled a random number between 1 and 12 for the visual effect). New items with a visual effect will have a random effect between 1 and 16 (equal chance to obtain each of them).
  • A lot of Wait actions have been added to all complex rules (this means there will be longer reaction times when using commands such as equip item or sell item).
  • The maximum amount of loot drops on the ground per player is now 4. Drops stay on the ground for 90 seconds before they disappear.
  • When the password is shown on screen, no other complex action can be taken for 10 seconds (this includes picking up loot or switching inventory item).
  • The equip item action blocks all complex actions for 6 seconds. All other actions will enforce a delay until the next complex action can be used of 1-3 seconds (depending on the complexity of the action).
  • The town portal (“Need Healing”) command has been removed from the game since it caused a lot of inexplicable crashes.
  • The inventory size has been reduced from 20 to 10.
  • The maximum distance between the spawn position of an enemy and the player whose position was used as reference point is now slightly lower.
  • An issue with enemies not respawning properly anymore when there were empty slots in team 2 before the first slot occupied by a player, was fixed.
  • When a player spawns for the first time, or uses the Equip Item or the Show Password command, enemies will stop spawning (and stop despawning due to inactivity) for a few seconds.
  • This version hasn’t been thoroughly tested with a full group of human players yet, but it seems that the matches, in general, last a bit longer in this version, until the server crashes.
Previous posted versions
  • v1.0a: 4QV99 (passwords do not work with newer versions)
  • v1.0b: 0NEYT (passwords do not work with newer versions)
  • v1.0c: 64QJ6
  • v1.0d: KCAPX
  • v1.0e: PZTK3
  • v1.4: 6R6TQ
  • v2.0: CDY4NR
  • v2.2: EZGXG
  • v2.3: SB91A
  • v2.5: A43WJ
  • v2.6: XDYX6
  • v2.7: X3XAA
  • v2.8a: HCWHK
  • v2.8.1: 1AER7
  • v3.0: GEB3C
  • v3.1: 2HFG0
  • v3.3.1: 5Q99Y

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setup - Lobby
  3. Gameplay - Beginner’s Guide
  4. Controls
  5. User Interface
  6. Equippable Items and Item Power Level
  7. Player Level / XP
  8. Enemies
  9. The Spawn Room Stations
  10. Special Abilities
  11. Detailed Info / Formulae
  12. FAQ
  13. Known Issues

Hunt enemies for a chance to obtain epic loot and save your progress with the help of a 40-digit save code! Press Crouch to pick up loot or use a station in the spawn room. Interact to sell the item in your inventory item. Acknowledge to equip the item in your inventory. Need Healing to use a town portal spell.

1. Introduction

In this long-term, slow progress PvE RPG mode, players can obtain loot from defeating enemies, get stronger by equipping powerful items and by working on increasing their level over the course of several matches. Most progress can be saved in the form of a 40-digit save code (press print screen to save the code as an image when it’s on screen) that can then be entered at the beginning of the next match to load the saved state.

More features

Enemies may drop an equippable item or gold when defeated. Players can sell items for gold, or they can try to upgrade them to the next highest rank for a certain price, with a chance of failure. Players can also purchase random items in the spawn room (crafting) and are guaranteed to get at least an item of green quality when they do so. Players may also purchase boss summon items which allow them to summon a boss that has a better chance than regular enemies of dropping good equipment when defeated and awards them with a lot of experience points (XP). Playing in a team is rewarded with an XP bonus, but it is possible to play or hunt solo.

2. Setup - Lobby

  • Team 1: 6 AI bots (medium): McCree, Mei, Reaper, Roadhog, Soldier: 76, Zenyatta (need to be added before the match starts!)
  • Team 2: 1-4 human players

3. Gameplay - Beginner’s Guide

Beginner's Guide
  • Defeat enemies for XP and a chance to obtain loot. Press Crouch to pick up loot.
  • The further away you go from your spawn room, the stronger the enemies will be.
  • If you pick up an equippable item, it’s placed in your inventory (HUD text on the right).
  • You can equip the item in your inventory with “Acknowledge” when out of combat and at full health, or you can sell it for gold by pressing Interact (F key by default).
  • You can only carry one item in your inventory. Your equipped item is displayed on the left side.
  • The number next to an item’s hero icon is the item’s power level. Power level is an indicator of how powerful and rare an item is. Everyone begins the game for the first time as a Tracer with power level 5.
  • Better items will have more default abilities unlocked, have better base stat bonuses (damage dealt, damage received, max health, move speed, and projectile speed), can have special abilities and a cosmetic effect.
  • A higher player level (obtained from XP, displayed as small number following your name in the UI) slightly increases your base stats and your drop rates.
  • If you want to save your progress (equipped item including all its stats, gold, player level, XP%, number of boss items), use the green circle station in the spawn room with Crouch and press PRINT SCREEN to keep an image of the code that appears on screen. You can only get one code per minute and your progress is saved with the values you had in the moment you got the code (any changes after that are not saved in that code anymore).
  • To load a savegame, use the white circle station in the spawn room with Crouch (which will freeze your character while you enter a code). See Controls below on how to enter a code.
  • The other stations in the spawn room are not that important at the very start. You can read what each of them does in the list of Stations in the Spawn Room below.
  • If you’re a new player, it’s recommend you start on the map Eichenwalde (recommended player level 1-12).

4. Controls

  • General commands:

    • Crouch to pick up items or use a station in the spawn room.
    • Interact (Emote Up/Voice Line Up in v3.3.4) to sell the item in your inventory for gold.
    • Communicate: Need Healing to teleport back to the spawn room (when out of combat).
    • Communicate: Acknowledge to equip the item that is currently selected in your inventory (only available when out of combat and at full health).
    • Communicate: Group Up to use a boss summon item (only one player can have a boss summon item active at a time; unusable when there is already a boss in the game that hasn’t been defeated yet)
    • Communicate: Hello to use the teleport special ability (if the player has an item with that ability equipped).
  • When entering a code (“Load Hero” station):

    • Interact to increase the current digit by 1.
    • Crouch to jump to the next digit (and confirm the code after digit 40).
    • Ability 1 to go back to the previous digit.
    • Secondary Fire to cancel enter code mode.

5. User Interface

  • LEFT HUD TEXT: Shows the hero and the power level of the equipped item of each player in team 2 as well as their player level (small number that follows after their) and their progress towards the next level in %.

  • RIGHT HUD TEXT: Shows the amount of boss summon items (smallest text) you carry, the amount of gold (medium font size), and the hero + power level of the the item in your inventory.

  • CENTRAL HUD TEXT: Shows the current block of 4 digits when you enter a 40-digit save code and the index of the digit (1-40) you can currently modify by pressing the Interact button.

6. Equippable Items and Item Power Level

Players always start the game as a Tracer with power level 5. They can turn into other heroes and get better stats and abilities by equipping items that are dropped from enemies when defeated or can be obtained by using the “Crafting” and “Item Upgrade” stations in the spawn room.

Players can only have one item equipped at a time (HUD text on the left) and can carry one additional item in their inventory (HUD text on the right side of the screen).

Items come in 5 different ranks (lower number = better rank):

  • White (rank 5): No default abilities unlocked, stats between 0 and 30, no special abilities (power level 5-20).
  • Green (rank 4): 1 default ability unlocked, stats between 10 and 35, no special abilities (power level 30-80).
  • Blue (rank 3): 2 default abilities unlocked, stats between 20 and 40, 0-1 special abilities (power level 130-246).
  • Purple (rank 2): 3 default abilities unlocked, stats between 30 and 45, 1-2 special abilities, very low chance to have a visual effect (power level 653-1162).
  • Red (rank 1): All default abilities unlocked, stats between 40 and 50, 2-3 special abilities, chance to have a visual effect (power level 3315-5002).

All numbers given here are for level 50 items. See section 10 below for detailed information on how stat bonuses and special ability levels are scaled down for lower levels.

All equippable items have a power level that is visible as a number between 5 and 9999 (theoretical maximum). Other players can see the power level of your equipped item. The power level is an indicator of the item’s overall power and its rarity, and also determines the amount of gold a player will obtain when selling the item.

7. Player Level / XP

Enemies award XP based on their rank when defeated. There is a 10% bonus for each additional player that contributed to defeating the enemy (for example, when three players contributed, each of them will get an XP bonus of +20%).

The player level has an impact on character stats, on drop chances, on item upgrade success chances, and slightly increases the chance to obtain a higher rank item when using the “Crafting” station.

With every level up, more XP are required to reach the next level. It will take a while to reach a high level in Loot Quest! This game mode is all about slow, long-term character progression (not for everyone).

8. Enemies

Enemies have a rank between 0 and 21 that is determined by the map and by the hunting area a player is located in. The further away from the spawn room you venture, the higher the rank will be of the enemies you encounter.

There are 3 types of enemies: regular enemies, leaders, and bosses. Leaders will randomly spawn sometimes and are quite a bit stronger compared to regular enemies of the same rank, but they have slightly better item drop rates, grant twice as much gold as regular enemies, and award 4 times as much XP when defeated. Bosses will only appear when summoned with a boss summon item. They are guaranteed to drop an equippable item when defeated and grant 25 times as much XP as a regular enemy.

9. The Spawn Room Stations

  • The teleporters (green and purple light pillars): There are two teleporters in the spawn room that can be used to directly travel to hunting areas: The green teleporter leads to the map’s second easiest hunting zone and the purple one leads to the map’s second hardest hunting zone.

  • Load Hero (white circle): Allows you to enter a 40-digit save code to load a previous save state. You lose all current data so it’s recommended to load your save state at the beginning, right after joining a game.

  • Get Save Code (green circle): Displays your save code. Press print screen to make an image of the code! After using this station you have to wait 60 seconds until it can display another code (so make sure you hit print screen when the code is on screen).

  • Buy Boss Item (yellow circle): Players can buy boss summon items here for 250 gold a piece. Only one boss summon item can be active at a time. Players can carry a maximum of 9 boss summon items. Boss summon items cannot be used in the spawn room and it may take a while until the boss appears. Bosses will always appear near the player that used the boss summon item.

  • Crafting (blue circle): For 250 gold + 15 gold per player level, players can create a random equippable item in this station. Unlike item upgrades, crafting cannot fail and will always produce an item that is at least of green quality (rank 4). The chance to obtain a higher rank item is as if a regular enemy had dropped the item. A higher player level will slightly increase the chance to obtain a higher rank item. The base stat modifiers of the crafted item scale according to the player’s level.

  • Item Upgrade (red circle): Has a chance of upgrading the item in your inventory to the next highest rank (the hero stays the same but everything else is rerolled). A higher player level will increase both the upgrade cost and the chance to successfully upgrade an item. The base stat modifiers of the upgraded item scale according to the player’s level. In case of a failed upgrade, the player loses the gold paid, and the item in the inventory remains unchanged. Rank 1 items cannot be upgraded any further.

    Item Rank Upgrade Cost Success Rate
    Rank 5 (white) 250 70% + 0.4% per level
    Rank 4 (green) 500 + 25 per level 50% + 0.4% per level
    Rank 3 (blue) 1500 + 50 per level 30% + 0.4% per level
    Rank 2 (purple) 2500 + 75 per level 10% + 0.4% per level
    Rank 1 (red) - -

10. Special Abilities

All players will start to slowly regenerate health when not taking or dealing any damage for 3 seconds. Higher rank items will grant faster regeneration.
Rank 3 or better items have a chance to grant one or more special abilities to the player:

  1. Bonus Damage: Deals bonus damage to an enemy on hit (cooldown: 2 seconds).
  2. Burning: Deals damage over time to an enemy for 2 seconds (cooldown: 2 seconds).
  3. Life Leech: Heals the player for the amount of damage dealt (cooldown: 2 seconds).
  4. Extra Ult Charge: Grants extra ultimate charge on hit (cooldown: 2 seconds).
  5. Root: Roots an enemy for a small amount of time (cooldown: 2 seconds).
  6. Teleportation: The player can teleport over a certain distance in the direction they are facing by pressing Communicate: Hello (cooldown: 3 seconds).

11. Detailed Info / Formulae

Enemy ranks for all released maps
Map Enemy Rank Recommended Player Level
Eichenwalde 0-4 1-12
Blizzard World 1-5 3-15
Numbani 2-6 6-18
Dorado 3-7 9-21
Paris 4-8 12-24
Havana 5-9 15-27
Junkertown 6-10 18-30
Hollywood 7-11 21-33
Hanamura 8-12 24-36
Rialto 9-13 27-39
Route 66 10-14 30-42
Volskaya Industries 11-15 33-45
Watchpoint: Gibraltar 12-16 36-48
Horizon Lunar Colony 13-17 39-51
King’s Row 14-18 42-54
Temple of Anubis 15-19 Lv45-57
Eichenwalde - Hall of Heroes 16-20 Lv48+
Item scaling based on enemy rank (drops)
Enemy Rank Item Scaling Multiplier
0 0.4
1 0.43
2 0.46
3 0.49
4 0.52
5 0.55
6 0.58
7 0.61
8 0.64
9 0.67
10 0.7
11 0.73
12 0.76
13 0.79
14 0.82
15 0.85
16 0.88
17 0.91
18 0.94
19 0.97
20 1
Item scaling based on player level (crafting and item upgrades)
Player Level Item Multiplier
0 0.4
1 0.412
2 0.424
3 0.436
4 0.448
5 0.46
6 0.472
7 0.484
8 0.496
9 0.508
10 0.52
11 0.532
12 0.544
13 0.556
14 0.568
15 0.58
16 0.592
17 0.604
18 0.616
19 0.628
20 0.64
21 0.652
22 0.664
23 0.676
24 0.688
25 0.7
26 0.712
27 0.724
28 0.736
29 0.748
30 0.76
31 0.772
32 0.784
33 0.796
34 0.808
35 0.82
36 0.832
37 0.844
38 0.856
39 0.868
40 0.88
41 0.892
42 0.904
43 0.916
44 0.928
45 0.94
46 0.952
47 0.964
48 0.976
49 0.988
50+ 1
Rolled item value ranges
Item Rank Loot Color (Sphere) Number of unlocked default abilities* Base stat bonus values** Number of special abilities Level of special abilities** Chance for visual effect
5 White 0 0-30 - - -
4 Green 1 10-35 - - -
3 Blue 2 20-40 0-1 1-4 -
2 Purple 3 30-45 1-2 4-7 10%
1 Red 4 40-50 2-3 7-10 50%

* Primary fire is always unlocked; other abilities that can be unlocked on items are: secondary fire, ability 1, ability 2, and ultimate ability.
** These values are multiplied with the item scaling multiplier (results are rounded up to the next integer).

Item power level calculation

Item power level = item rank multiplier * (
base stat bonus points * 20
number of unlocked default abilities * 500
total number of special ability levels * 80
599 if the item has a visual effect )

Item rank Item rank multiplier
5 0.01
4 0.025
3 0.05
2 0.15
1 0.5
XP and gold
  • XP needed to reach the next level = current player level * current player level * 10
  • XP earned when an enemy is defeated = ( defeated enemy’s rank + 1 ) * type modifier
    The type modifier is 1 for regular enemies, 4 for champions, and 25 for bosses.
  • Amount of gold dropped by enemy = random integer with a minimum value of ( enemy rank + 1 ) and a maximum value of ( enemy rank + 4 )
    The amount is doubled in the case of leaders.
Drop rates
  • The game first rolls whether or not an enemy will drop something for a specific player.
  • If there is a drop, then the game rolls whether the drop will be an equippable item or not.
  • If the drop is an equippable item, then the game keeps checking if the drop will be of a better rank, until a roll is unsuccessful.
    Regular enemy Leader Boss
    Chance to get a drop (item or gold) 30% * ( 1 + 0.005 * Player Level ) 100% 100%
    Chance that drop is an equippable item 25% * ( 1 + 0.005 * Player Level ) 25% * ( 1 + 0.005 * Player Level ) 100%
    Chance the dropped item is of a better rank 20% * ( 1 + 0.005 * Player Level ) 21% * ( 1 + 0.005 * Player Level ) 25% * ( 1 + 0.005 * Player Level )
GLOBAL VARIABLES (slightly outdated)
Variable Function
A *** unused ***
B *** unused ***
C Array (Misc):
0: *** unused ***
1: Enemy respawn waiting room position (x/y/z) (enemies get teleported here before they spawn)
2: Has first player in team 2 spawned? (true=yes)
3: Town portal destination
4: The number 0
5: The number 1
6: The number 2
7: The number 3
8: Number of enemies that have spawned and are currently still alive/haven’t despawned or died yet (team 1)
9: Number of players in team 2 (human players)
10: Temp: Number of contributors in team 2 when an enemy died
11: Number of players that are in a hunting zone (outside of the spawn room)
12: The player that got picked to check if an enemy can spawn next to that player
13: White - Chance to have special ability 1
14: White - Chance to have special ability 2
15: White - Chance to have special ability 3
16: Green - Chance to have special ability 1
17: Green - Chance to have special ability 2
18 Green - Chance to have special ability 3
19: Blue - Chance to have special ability 1
20: Blue - Chance to have special ability 2
21: Blue - Chance to have special ability 3
22: Purple - Chance to have special ability 1
23: Purple - Chance to have special ability 2
24: Purple - Chance to have special ability 3
25: Red - Chance to have special ability 1
26: Red - Chance to have special ability 2
27: Red - Chance to have special ability 3
28: Yellow- Chance to have special ability 1
29: Yellow - Chance to have special ability 2
30: Yellow - Chance to have special ability 3
31: White - Min value for stats
32: White - Max value for stats
33: White - Number of default ability rolls to skip
34: Green - Min value for stats
35: Green - Max value for stats
36: Green - Number of default ability rolls to skip
37: Blue - Min value for stats
38: Blue - Max value for stats
39: Blue - Number of default ability rolls to skip
40: Purple - Min value for stats
41: Purple - Max value for stats
42: Purple - Number of default ability rolls to skip
43: Red - Min value for stats
44: Red - Max value for stats
45: Red - Number of default ability rolls to skip
46: Yellow - Min value for stats
47: Yellow - Max value for stats
48: Yellow - Number of default ability rolls to skip
49: Blue - Min special ability rank
50: Blue - Max special ability rank
51: Blue - chance for visual effect
52 Purple - Min special ability rank
53: Purple - Max special ability rank
54: Purple - chance for visual effect
55: Red - Min special ability rank
56: Red - Max special ability rank
57: Red - chance for visual effect
58: Yellow - Min special ability rank
59: Yellow - Max special ability rank
60: Yellow - chance for visual effect
D Array with station positions
0: Teleporter 1 (green - leads to second zone)
1: Teleporter 2 (purple - leads to fourth zone)
2: Load hero location
3: Buy Boss Items
4: Buy Item
5: Item Upgrade
6: Show Code
E Enemy Spawn locations
0: First zone center (x/y/z)
1: Second zone center (x/y/z)
2: Third zone center (x/y/z)
3: Fourth zone center (x/y/z)
4: Fifth zone center (x/y/z)
F Array with Damage Received and XP Modifiers based on number of players in team 2 + Item Power Multipliers
0: Damage Received Modifier - 1 Player
1: Damage Received Modifier - 2 Players
6: XP Modifier - 1 Player
7: XP Modifier - 2 Players
12: Current Damage Received/Healing Received Modifier (number of players)
13: Additional XP Modifier for enemy type: Regular
14: Additional XP Modifier for enemy type: Leader
15: Additional XP Modifier for enemy type: Boss
16: Additional Damage Received Modifier for enemy type: Regular
17: Additional Damage Received Modifier for enemy type: Leader
18: Additional Damage Received Modifier for enemy type: Boss
19: Multiplier for most stats: Regular (1)
20: Multiplier for most stats: Leader (1.25)
21: Multiplier for most stats: Boss (1.5)
22: Item Power multiplier for White items
23: Item Power multiplier for Green items
24: Item Power multiplier for Blue items
25: Item Power multiplier for Purple items
26: Item Power multiplier for Red items
27: Item Power multiplier for Yellow items
28: Base cost to upgrade Rank 5>4 (250)
29: Base cost to upgrade Rank 4>3 (500)
30: Base cost to upgrade Rank 3>2 (1500)
31: Base cost to upgrade Rank 2>1 (2500)
G *** unused ***
H The player in team 2 who summoned a boss (only when global variable H is 0 can players summon a boss); 7=boss is up
O *** unused ***
P *** unused ***
Q *** unused ***
R The time when the next match time warning will be displayed
S Counter for “x minutes remaining” messages
T *** unused ***
U *** unused ***
V Enemy Respawn: Filtered array of all living players in team 2 that have spawned and are not in the spawn room
Enemy Died: Filtered array of all players in team 2 that contributed
X *** unused ***
Y *** unused ***
Z The time (match time) when the next enemy spawn related action can be run (global cooldown for enemy spawn events)
PLAYER VARIABLES (slightly outdated)
Variable Function
A PLAYERS: Amount of gold
ENEMIES: Amount of XP that the enemy will give
B PLAYERS: Player level
ENEMIES: % value for most enemy stats (based on regular, leader, or boss)
C PLAYERS: Number of boss summon items
ENEMIES: % value for damage/Healing received (multipliers loaded from global variable F)
D PLAYERS: Power level of equipped item
ENEMIES: *** unused ***
E PLAYERS: XP % - progress towards next level (float)
ENEMIES: Rank of enemy (0-20)
F PLAYERS: Array that keeps track of which enemies the player has dealt damage to or taken damage from, for rewards (if F is true at index 0, for example, that means that the player has contributed to defeating the enemy in slot 0)
ENEMIES: Type (0=regular; 1=leader; 2=boss)
G PLAYERS: List of drops to create
0: Type of enemy for first drop (regular=0; leader=1; boss=2)
1: The enemy (the player) for first drop
2: Type of enemy for second drop (regular=0; leader=1; boss=2)
3: The enemy (the player) for second drop
ENEMIES: The location/position where loot for this enemy will appear
H PLAYERS: Array - Misc 1
0: Command to upgrade inventory item (true=command given)
1: The time (match time) when the event player will not be in combat anymore.
2: Temp: Index of drop position in array player variable U
3: Rank of equipped item (0-5)
4: Number of drops to create (player variable G is the list)
5: Position of closest interactive station in the spawn room (when player presses crouch)
6: Position the player will teleport to when using a teleporter (x/y/z)
7: ID of enter code HUD text
8: XP owned at current level - actual amount
9: XP required to reach next level
10: Temp: Rolled quality for drop (0=no drop; 1=gold; 2=white; 3=green; 4=blue; 5=purple; 6=red; 7=yellow)
11: Temp: Position where loot item will be created
12: Station mode (0=not using a station; 1=Teleporter 1; 2=Teleporter 2; 3=Enter Code Mode; 4=Buy Boss Item; 5=Crafting; 6=Upgrade Item; 7=Get Code)
13: Index of digit the player can currently modify in enter code mode
14: Index of first code digit that is displayed on screen
15: Quality level of equipped item
16: Command to upgrade stats (equipped item; will trigger command to upgrade inventory; true=command given)
17: Amount of drops the player currently has on ground
I PLAYERS ONLY: Array - Misc 3:
0: Displayed rank of picked up item (for small message: obtained item rank x)
1: The time (match time) when the player can get another save code
2: The time when special abilities become available again
3: Parameter for H16 (H0 will be set to this value)
4: Same as N25 but when rolling an item to be added
5: The match time when the teleport special ability can be used again
6: Price that item sold for in store (Sell) // Price for crafting (Crafting) // Price for item upgrade (Item Upgrade)
7: Temp save for H12 (so we can use “Abort If” actions in the rule “Station Active”).
8: The time (match time) when the next complex action can be completed
9: Rank of item to be displayed in a message (when selling an item)
10: Hero of item to be displayed in a message (when selling an item)
J PLAYERS: Does the player have an item in the inventory? (true=yes; false=no)
ENEMIES: Has enemy spawned? (true=yes; set to false again when enemy returns to waiting room)
K PLAYERS: Inventory item hero
ENEMIES: Command to update stats when number of players in team 2 changed (true=command given)
L Inventory Item Power
M ENEMIES: The time (match time) when an enemy will despawn due to inactivity
N ENEMIES: The amount of gold an enemy will drop
PLAYERS: Array - Misc 2 (some entries drop-related):
0: Drop bonus multiplier based on player level (updated at first spawn and level up)
1: Regular enemy: Chance to get gold
2: Regular enemy: Chance to get white
3: Regular enemy: Chance to get green+/blue+/purple+/red+
4: Regular enemy: Chance to get yellow
5: Temp: Rank of defeated enemy (for item scaling; saved in V0-2)
6: The time when the player’s next drop on the ground will expire
7: Index of the drop will disappear next
8: Position of the drop that disappeared (to create effect at)
9: Leader: Chance to get gold
10: Leader: Chance to get white+
11: Leader: Chance to get green+/blue+/purple+/red+
12: Leader: Chance to get yellow
13: Previous Hero
14: Index to start at when determining drops
15: Closest Drop to player (as position: x/y/z)
16: Index of drop that is being picked up (index in player variable U)
17: Boss: Chance to get gold
18: Boss: Chance to get white+
19: Boss: Chance to get green+/blue+/purple+/red+
20: Boss: Chance to get yellow
21: Quality of picked up drop (1=gold; 2=white; 3=green; 4=blue; 5=purple; 6=red; 7=yellow)
22: Hero or amount of gold picked up (hero for roll item rule)
23: Picked ability to be enabled (1-4, random value chosen from the remaining values in global variable P)
24: Command to roll item (number = quality of the item)
O PLAYERS: Array with temporary values: when item is rolled
0: Secondary Fire Unlocked (1+=unlocked)
1: Ability 1 Unlocked (1+=unlocked)
2: Ability 2 Unlocked (1+=unlocked)
3: Ultimate Ability Unlocked (1+=unlocked)
4: Min value for base stats
5: Max value for base stats
6: Min value for SA power
7: Max value for SA power
8: Temp save Item Power (unlocked default abilities part)
9: Temp save Item Power (special abilities part)
10: Temp save Item Power (base stat modifier part)
P Array with numbers that can still be picked (1-4) (also used as array for temp values when displaying a code)
0: Secondary Fire Unlocked
1: Ability 1 Unlocked
2: Ability 2 Unlocked
3: Ultimate Ability Unlocked
Q Array with entered password (Load Hero station):
0=first number
1=second number
27=28th number
during loading:
28=functional unit 1
29=functional unit 2
30=functional unit 3
R Drop stat modifier to be used when rolling the next item (for item scaling)
S Stats of item in inventory (see T0-18)
T Stats of equipped item:
0: Hero
1: Rank of item (0-5; 5 is best)
2: Secondary fire unlocked
3: Ability 1 unlocked
4: Ability 2 unlocked
5: Ultimate ability unlocked
6: Damage dealt modifier
7: Damage received modifier
8: Max health modifier
9: Move speed modifier
10: Projectile speed modifier
11: Type of special ability 1
12: Type of special ability 2
13: Type of special ability 3
14: Rank of special ability 1
15: Rank of special ability 2
16: Rank of special ability 3
17: Visual effect (1-16)
18: Item power value (not saved; calculated)
False/0: Is not the enemy that will spawn next
True: This enemy will spawn next
U Array with loot positions (for loot on ground)
V Array with loot values (for loot on ground)
0-2: Rank of enemy (0-20)/amount of gold
3-5: Quality
6-8: Visual effect ID
9-11: Time when drop will disappear
W Array with digits as displayed in code
0: Digit 1
1: Digit 2
2: Digit 3
3: Digit 4
4: Index of digit 1 (in array of all 40 digits; to make sure all 4 digits are only updated when the player jumps to a different block of 4 digits)
X *** unused ***
Y Array of special abilities
0: Is there a visual effect? (0=no; 1+=yes, number is type of effect [1-16])
1: Critical damage level
2: Damage over time level
3: Life leech level
4: Extra ult charge on hit level
5: Root level
6: Teleportation level (“Hello” to use, outside of spawn room)
Z Rank of player’s currently selected inventory item as displayed in text (rank 5=white; rank 1=red)

12. FAQ

  • What can be saved?
    Your level, progress towards the next level, gold, number of boss summon items, and your equipped item with all its stats.
  • What cannot be saved?
    The item in your inventory, anything else not mentioned in the answer to the previous question.
  • Will I get more XP for playing with other players?
    Yes, for each additional player that dealt damage to or took damage from an enemy, that enemy will give additional XP to all players who contributed.
  • Will I get better loot and/or more gold for playing with other players?
    The drop rates and amount of gold dropped per enemy are not affected by the number of players in the game, but you will likely defeat more enemies in the same amount of time.
  • How does the difficulty scale with more players?
    Enemies will have lower damage received and healing received values for each additional player in the game and more enemies will spawn.
  • What is the maximum level for players?
    The theoretical maximum level is 99, but a more realistic final long-term goal would maybe be around level 50-60. Even reaching level 10 can take a while. Progress gets slower with every level.
  • What is the maximum number of equippable items/gold/boss summon stones a player can carry?
    1 equippable item, 9999 gold, and 9 boss summon stones.
  • Is there a way to improve drop rates?
    Drop rates will minimally increase with every player level. The same applies to the chance of successfully upgrading an item at the red “Item Upgrade” station and the chance to obtain a higher rank item when using the blue “Crafting” station. Champions have a slightly better chance and bosses a much better chance to drop higher rank items as well.
  • Why are the drop rates so low?
    The game mode was designed with a slower, more long-term, MMORPG-like system of progress in mind.
  • Why isn’t feature x in this game mode (anymore)?
    Most likely the answer is that I couldn’t add it for performance reasons. There are quite a few features I wish I could have added, and some that I had implemented already but had to remove again. I prioritized keeping the features that, in my opinion, added most to the game mode’s two core systems: loot and the ability to save progress with passwords.
  • Will I get account XP (lootbox XP) for playing this game mode?
    Unfortunately not. Custom workshop game modes do not award account XP at this moment.

13. Known Issues

  • Sometimes, the server will struggle when it has to create too many effects in a short amount of time and create a blue sphere with a radius of 1 instead of the effect it was supposed to create. It’s a glitch that happens occasionally, which I prefer not to fix, for three reasons:
    • A fix might increase the risk of server crashes again.
    • A fix would add an additional delay of varying length before a drop appears on the ground, after an enemy has died.
    • Even with a fix, large blue spheres could still appear in rare occasions when the timing is just unlucky and multiple enemies die at nearly the same time.
  • The minimum final damage received value for Bastion in Sentry and Tank configuration is 40%. This causes bastion players to sometimes take more damage than intended in these two modes.
  • Likewise, the minimum final damage received value of nano-boosted heroes is 25% (or 12.5% if they have armor). This causes players to sometimes take more damage than intended during nano-boost.


This mode is a ton of fun (as is World of Overwatch :grin:). Thanks for taking time to try and sort out the server crash issues. Your work isn’t going unnoticed or unappreciated!


Hey Delwion Your doing amazing work and I love your game mode.
It’s a shame that is crashes often :slightly_frowning_face:
I dont know if this helps but ive noticed that it crashes when changing Characters in my item slot maybe cause it needs to load lots of info on the character?

anyway im loving it & i hope you keep it up :grinning:


Thanks for all the positive feedback and for playing the game mode :slight_smile:

I will do some tests in the next few days (hopefully) with the new server load values to see if I can identify specific parts of the script that are very problematic.

In the games I hosted, Loot Quest crashed for a variety of reason, sometimes at what seemed like random moments when nothing special was happening (not a lot of loot on the ground, no enemies, no player taking any complex action). But I’ve seen a few rules that triggered crashes more often. Among them is the moment when a player wants to display a code, when a boss dies (even though there is just one extra event compared to when a normal enemy dies which is really simple), when players repeadetly equip high level items. Hopefully, I can identify some problems and find a way to avoid them.

Edit: In an unrelated side note: I’ve posted a smaller, simple and easy PvE mode yesterday in my Various Smaller Projects thread yesterday: Robot Strike Volskaya (it’s very different from Loot Quest though but I thought I’d mention it here in case anyone wants to try it :)).


Your MOD is the reason I got on this forum for the first time, absolutely amazing. I really love the mod. I would like to add a couple things after playing about 6 hours yesterday.

Are there a min number of players for enemies to spawn in? Often it would just be me and one other while we waited for a third to join and mobs would only spawn then.

Boss scrolls sometimes don’t spawn bosses, yes I know it can take a while, but we waited a very long time :slight_smile:

I’m still not sure how to view the stats of a char, is there an interface for that?

I doubt this but I’m asking anyways, any way to shorten the code…? xD I get it if not but it’s a pain to enter 40-50 times a night until crashes are done.

Thank you so much for working on this, the community really loves it.


I’m glad you like the mode :slight_smile:

The maximum number of enemies that can spawn is equal to the number of players in team 2 that are outside of the spawn room. The game will rotate through all players in team 2 to decide near which player the next enemy will spawn (so the first enemy will spawn near the player in slot 0, the one after that near the player in slot 1, etc.).

When you use a boss summon item, the next enemy that will spawn based on your position will be a boss. So it can take a while.

Regular enemies despawn after 20 seconds of inactivity, leaders after 40 seconds, bosses after a minute.

There are global cooldowns that stop all enemy spawn events for a bit when something complex happens, for example when a player joins the game or presses ultimate status to display a code (that was one of the many things I tried to reduce the risk of crashes) .

It’s possible that there are some issues with respawn. I fixed one problem in the latest version (try to use that one if you didn’t before). But there may be other issues. I haven’t done a ton of testing on the latest version, needed a break from working on this game mode. If respawn feels slow it’s partially due to cooldowns (global and enemy-specific) that I introduced in an attempt to reduce the risk of crashes.

There is unfortunately no way to see your stats (except by looking at the inspector as a host if you know which variable stands for what). I had planned on adding that feature but gave up on it quickly when the game started crashing.

I don’t know of any way to shorten the code without saving less values. The equipped item actually has 19 values that need to be saved, at least 7 of them are double digit, then there’s the money (4 digits), level, boss items, XP progress towards the next level (4 digits). If there are clever algorithms to make the code shorter, then I have to say that I unfortunately don’t know how to do that. I could make the items more generic (right now they have 5 separate stats for damage dealt, damage received, max health, move speed, projectile speed and I could just use one stat instead, but that would mean a lot of work without any guarantee that it helps with crashes and make a previous codes invalid).

I know that it’s really annoying to enter such a long code. I was worried about that when I was planning the game mode on paper already (I was worried that it would be too annoying for people to enter a long code once every 60 minutes - or more often - I thought if someone would join 10 minutes before the match is over, they would simply skip the round and wait for the next one :)). Now, the crashes have made this code entering problem way worse (plus it really takes away from the enjoyment when you need to constantly fear that you’ll lose your progress) which is why I tried so many things to stop the crashes from happening.

Hopefully, I can find a way to make the game mode more stable with the new server load values in the next few days/weeks. And if not, I might remake the game mode completely in a simpler version, since I really like the loot and save mechanics myself (when I started playing other game modes I kept pressing crouch in the hopes to pick up some loot, haha) :slight_smile: Hopefully, I can find a way to fix it :slight_smile:


Thanks for clearing so much up!

Enemy not spawning, I think I figured that one out based on what you said. Me and the other person testing were players 5/6 so I think that’s why it was skipping. Today they were spawning just fine when I was the only player, but the top one instead.

I agree that shortening the code wouldn’t be worth it, especially when it would make current codes not work. Honestly entering once an hour or so isn’t bad, once the crashing issue is solved I think it will be fine.

I honestly don’t know where to find your most up to date version, I just saved the settings off a game I joined, so if you can point me that way I would appreciate it!


Update.: We found that rank 1 enemies always crash the server


Thanks for the info, I will look into these issues (the rotation problem was definitely an oversight/bad design by me, I should have used a filtered array of all players in team 2 and then go by rotating index, not just go by player slot without checking if the slot is actually occupied; I will fix that in the next version) when I start working on Loot Quest again (maybe tomorrow/later today/in the next few days; not sure yet). The most recent version I published is always in this thread. When I work on the game mode I usually update it at least once per day :slight_smile:

Edit: Rank 1 enemies aren’t any different from the other ranks. So not sure what could be the problem there. If you still see the enemy rank as an in-world text above the enemy’s head however that is a pretty old version of the game mode. The latest version might be a bit better for the crashes and have some of the respawn problems fixed.


Ok found something that consistently breaks the server. when you get a red hero and try to save it crashes. you can sometimes use the hero without crash, but as soon as you try and save it goes down.

edit: We found a way around it: Once you trade to the new red hero, sell the old one right away. then wait at lest 2 minutes before you save

edit 2: Found that is only with the most recent version. as soon ias I went back to the old one the issue is gone.

edit 3: on and off bug in old one, consistent in new one.


Thanks. It might have something to do with the permanent visual effect that red items can offer or the higher number of default abilities that are unlocked. I already redid all of the actions related to the visual effects about half a week ago (in one version the effect was created/destroyed when the player equipped a new item, in the other, the effect was there permanently and was just made visible/invisible; unfortunately neither version seemed to have any impact on the number of crashes for me).

I’ve started some very early testing with server load values and got some ideas of things that might help reduce server load without compromising the game mode too much, but this will take a while. If I get a more stable version of the game mode I will post it here :slight_smile:


i start the game and no bots ever come out, can someone help me.


Just to be sure, you are placing the 6 bots in team 1 and yourself in team 2?

If so, the bots won’t spawn until you leave the spawn room. If you leave the spawn room, a bot should soon spawn near your position (± 20 meters away from you in both the x and the z axis).

There will never be more bots to fight than players in team 2 that are outside of the spawn room.


I tried to start the mode up with the recommended bots but the ranks aren’t working properly. The level 1 bots are just as easy as level 5. The bosses are working but do almost no damage. Did I mess something up in the set-up or is it a bug?


That is a bug sorry T_T I never tested this version in higher level areas. All enemies are the lowest rank in the code I posted. I will post a new code in a bit where this is fixed (+ lots of other small bugfixes).

Edit: Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile:

(Bosses deal 50% more damage compared to regular enemies of the same rank; and leaders 25% more.)


Yes plz send help, I’m stuck and my controls for spawn room aren’t doing anything


thanks for the help. i did notice that almost every time i try to save a red character that has dropped from a bot that is crashes.


Same for me. I got a rank 1 soldier 76 (suprisingly from a rank 5) i ran into spawn to save. when i tried saving, it crashed due too excessive workshop script load. same thing happened to another person in the game a bit later, with a rank 1 genji.


I had a crash similar to this last night. I have a save with a red-tier (~4400) hero and when I went to save after about 20 minutes it would crash out. I was the only one in the game the entire time and hadn’t done anything other than kill mobs (including a few bosses), pick up gold and a few items, sell items, port back to spawn, and level once (11 -> 12, if it matters).


Thanks for the feedback. I have noticed in my testing as well that the two events that cause crashes the most often still are displaying a save code and equipping an item. The longer a match has lasted, the more likely these actions will cause a crash. However, other actions such as selling items to the NPC store or even just using the town portal ability can also trigger the crashes if a game has been running for a certain amount of time. At this point, I don’t think adding more wait actions to the equip item or show code commands would really help (there is like one wait action for every 5 actions that are relatively simple calculations already).

I will make another attempt to reduce the risk of crashes starting today/in the next few days, this time by removing the player selling and buying stations, by reducing the number of teleporters in the spawn room, and most importantly by redoing the item stats system so it does not use vectors anymore. I will also try to optimize equipping an item by avoiding the creation of temporary values (the stats of the equipped item are currently copied to a temporary player variable). I may also reduce the inventory size from 10 to 5 and reduce the maximum number of drops on the ground again. Hopefully, one of these things will help a bit with the crashes.

Edit: One more thing I forgot to mention: Surprisingly, the number of players in team 2 seems to have no big impact on how often/soon the game crashes. One way to explain this could be that each individual player has a limit on how many resources the variables of that player can take. Another explanation would be that a big problem takes place in events of team 1, but that seems unlikely: I have used all the actions that happen to team 1 in other game modes before without problems. And one more thing: Both the equip item action and the show code action keep the server peak load below 100 in the first few minutes of the game, so I don’t think they alone can be responsible for the crashes.