Workshop is laggy

Idk if it’s just me. But if i join a costum Chill/Friendly lobbie, i get frame drops and lag.
Is that something that usually happens to someone else or no?

Trying to find a good ping server is definitely hard now and idk why. Most of the games I see have really bad ping

You think it’s the ping?

Im no ping/latency connoisseur so take it with a grain of salt. It could probably also be theyre just in a different regional server, i dunno lmao

Ping shouldn’t be the cause, it’s more than likely hardware limitation on your end.
As in how the devs implemented HUD elements or the game mode creator chose to implement their HUD is very taxing.
Also was an issue in Ow1.

But it isn’t only HUD also visual effects…

So i guess i just can’t handle costum games like that

Seems like it, though from what I’ve seen chill customs usually aren’t very well optimized, might be worth giving various creators a shot if you haven’t already, if not make one yourself~

You know how hard is it? Lol

Plus, i guess i’ll just make my own from now on, without random powers and high spam.

Shouldn’t be that challenging, though depending on what you’ll pickup as your base you’ll find a lot of junk / stuff that doesn’t make sense.
So the challenge lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Though you might not have much left if you don’t intend to keep the powers xD