Workshop is abandoned?

When you realize workshop is almost abandoned by devs… No new features, bunch of bugs. And annoying bugs like this happen: This never happened before in OW1 workshop. Unable to create actions/conditions…

For this reasons i always wil hit same key. Add an decent programming language such as Lua for workshop and remove these massive UI buttons for clicking, at least on PC version.

Basically OW2 is free2play, console people can create modes on PC and save share code across console and play there. There’s no point to keep this outdated way to create scripts.

I always mention lua because its simple and can be sandboxed (aka disabled all security critical features such as access network, i/o etc) and embeded into any game engine.


Well April Fools is like a really good workshop

I still think it is unacceptable that you cannot access previous iterations of characters in the workshop.

That is just dumb.


Workshop felt like a labor-of-love thing and they are probably not given much time anymore for labor-of-love things under OW2’s new direction.

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I agree too, but they should learn from other games such as Fortnite, which has allowed full access to the map editor and Unreal Engine scripting (with Blueprints). And if you look at the incredible creations that people are making, there was a user who even ported Overwatch’s Malvento map to Fortnite. And surprisingly, the quality was even better than in Overwatch.

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  1. The workshop was never very popular in this game
  2. OW2 has tons of bugs in general.
  3. Adding direct scripts is just asking for exploits so it won’t happen. not to mention if you are going to bother with scripts you don’t even need OW for that. Pick up a game engine and make your own game with no limitations.

I can answer why.

It was created by Dan Reed and Keith Miron
Dan now works for a company called Second Dinner, having left Blizzard in May 2022.
Keith Miron was gone well before that, he has been at Valve for the last 3 years.

So yeah, the devs who created it have left, and without at least one of them pushing it along…


This. I am also sure that the workshop is not very high on their list, because not many people use it. Also I think people need to realize that PvP still has a lot of things to do and that they want to bring out PvE this year.

Bundle that together with the fact that the two people who created the work shop left and BOOM. You have your answer.

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I think one of the biggest problems of the Workshop is the almost total absence of inputs / tutorials / FAQs about any doubts and conflicts. You don’t expect a detailed guide, but not even an incomprehensible tool to make anyone turn away from trying it because it almost completely lacks a basis on which to learn. Editors like those in Warcraft3 and Starcraft2 were really excellent and helped you a lot in understanding the commands. It completely lacks a functional interface and a relatively updated and organized information guide. maybe that’s a bit too specific.

another disappointment is that the workshop was deactivated in the first two seasons, and i thought they meant that there would be some “buff” on how it worked. Unfortunately no, it’s simply the reactivation of an instrument, and unfortunately also the re-confirmation that this “ow2” continues to annoy us with its non-optimal conversion even though 6 months have passed since its debut.

The real waste for me is that the workshop is not very attractive for old or new users, and the developers could at least learn something from the DOTA case: learn to connect with the creativity of their community, perhaps by officializing the best workshops in arcade modes or… well, even the much more useful training codes from the current practice room. But no, they prefer that users search for the codes and do not establish collaborations. for me… this is the real waste that leads us to lose interest in an instrument that is perhaps too unnecessarily complicated. sad but true, but after 3 years of existence of this tool, never once has blizzard dreamed of making competitions, a public events, acreative formalizations… and the biggest joke were those unpleasant codes that encouraged misogeny some months ago, a sign how the blizzard monitoring of its tool was very poor and left to the user’s self-management :neutral_face:.

If it was that they are working on “other priorities” of the game (like pve, rightly so)… it is also true that certain things cannot be left without a good guided troubleshooting. not a manual, and maybe not even a vital monitoring (unless, however, they intend to do it only in the early season patches, the biggest in the game so far).

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Great news people! Since OW1 after echo was release now in Season 4 finally workshop will receive a just one new feature. Ability to spawn (and control?) projectiles!

Read preview patch notes to 11th april:

I have not seen any bug fix :confused:


Same, still problem with copy/pasting custom games due many maps are unable to parse by game.

Lol, workshop is the only thing that saved OW1 after a long time without any updates.

No. The only thing that was holding OW1 together were the free skins.