Workshop: Damage Amount (not usable?)


Two of the seven event types are “Player dealt damage” and “Player took damage,” but the amount of damage dealt/taken is not available as a Number argument. That seems like a necessary piece for doing anything meaningful with these events.


I was also trying to do a damage check and have not found a way to do it yet. Maybe the last damage dealt would do it but I would like to do the check before the damage is dealt.


As far as I can tell, there’s no way to respond to it after it happens, either, which is all I was trying to do.

I suppose I could probably do some hacky solution with saving everyone’s last known health as a variable each time they’re healed/damaged, and then subtracting to calculate the damage, but that feels excessive.

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Providing damage amount is a fairly popular request, so we’ll definitely look into adding it. Thanks for the suggestion!


For heals too would be nice
I’m thinking of berserk type characters or resource systems for healers, but I don’t know any way to track those stats to reward heal with resource


I need this feature since I’m trying to make a 1 v 11 and since I can’t make players invincible to other select players I was going to try and turn the damage value WAAAAAAAAAY down and have any damage applied to a “friendly” be added back as a heal, and any damage dealt to an “enemy” be multiplied by a specific amount


If you’re working with chacaters that can only deal fixed damage, like all 11 being ana with only primary, you know how much to heal if they shoot each other
Could be done with other characters that have a single bullet if you disable heatshots or allow only headshots?


If you want lifesteal like reaper, read and use “victim” function ( this function save last enemy who taken damage from you) and substract max health and health of victim when event player dealt damage. But overall its not work like reaper and you heal all damage you teammates does. Sorry for my English…


In my case, I need a way to prevent the damage dealt based on some conditions. I know it may not line up with the meaning of the event itself, but I’ve yet to find a way to achieve damage prevention in a reasonable way.


I don’t have the full context of what you’re trying to do, but you can set the % damage taken for the character (or damage dealt for the attacker, whichever makes more sense) to prevent damage based on your conditions, unless you’re relying on the damage itself as a condition in some way.


I would need to process the damage before it gets applied, as the state of both players at the moment the damage would have been dealt would determine how the damage should be modified.


I’ve gotten damage amount by setting variables for a player equal to their health. On player damage, take the difference of their current health and that variable to get the damage amount. Then update the variable to their current health. And reset the variable on death.

It’s a bit of a work around, but it works until they add it natively.