[Workshop] Block programming feature

Just wondering if there are any plans to have a Scratch-like block programming language for the Workshop. This will allow a better interface than dialog-clicking scripting, and will also be seen as an educational tool, what it’s best than learning programming with execises such as “make an Overwatch game mode in which…”

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if text scripting for advance users is out of the question, than i would love to have block scripting be its replacement. however, due to the big differences between what we have now and block coding,i doubt they would add it anytime soon, unfortunately :c


It’s from Google Blockly https://developers.google.com/blockly also i agree with this feature!

Same :frowning: I’m currently C#, Java, Js and Typescript developer, i’m feel myself blocked to develop any complex things in workshop, due his limitations, i’ve made many prototype of Pathfinding algorithms, but translating that to workshop limits is bad.