Words on Symmetra (beam and sentries) from one of the devs (in post body)

So some things to note with Symmetra that aren’t listed on the PTR patch notes, but have gone into affect with it.

Firstly, a general beam type weapon consistency fix has gone through. I’ve yet to figure out what exactly is because there are no details, but it is undeniable weapons like Symmetra’s and Zarya’s beams, as well as Winston’s and Moira’s to a less noticeable degree, are now functioning more consistently. The dev commented on this confirming it to not be placebo and in fact it is functioning more consistently now. It is noted that this will be less noticeable the better your tracking is, but it’s helpful regardless

Another comment made was on the subject of Sentry turrets supposedly being bugged. they are in fact functioning as intended this patch, but it is explained as there being a misconception in what is happening with them

1 turret = 20% hostile slow
Orisa shooting = 30% slow.

being that greater slows take priority and remove stacking, Orisa’s shooting slow kicks in in this scenario. However, if multiple turrets hit Orisa, she will not be slowed any more than 30% even though 3 turrets = 60% since each individual turret = 20%.

This is effectively a buff to beam, and a nerf to Sentries. These particular interactions were unlisted in the patch notes for some reason, but they have gone through nonetheless

(I KNEW there was some reason I was still preforming well despite Teleporter being effectively nerfed, and here it is! her beam is more forgiving now, hoorah)

EDIT: also, rest your anxiety, Josh Noe says they’re keeping a close eye on Sym in this particular patch cycle. If TP changes are too harsh, we might actually see it not go through in the end


Please god don’t let these tp changes go through


I’m like the idea of the changes, but the compensation nerfs are just too harsh.


I like being able to destroy my tp and how it is infinite, but a 15 second cool down that only starts when it is destoryed combined with the 1.5 delay between teleporter is not worth it when tp is still easily destroyed and slow to deploy.

I’m just so glad the devs consider Symmetra worth iterating on to such a great degree. It felt like the hero was a low priority, but learning that so much is being tested with her internally and on the PTR is reassuring. I hope we soon reach a point where her negaitve community perception is just as much crushed as Torbjorn’s is

Yea the slows aren’t still working correctly and don’t stack. It seems like all slows from outside influence has become capped at -20% slow, I’ve observed same thing happening with mei blizzard where lucio speed boosts people walking at full speed away from blizz.

Well then I suppose Blizz is simply unaware of this. The post from Josh Noe explains it as I explained it in my post, so it’s definitely not noticed right now

I’m guessing it is polling more often and then smoothing, so rather then you getting 0 damage if it polls and you are not on the target at that moment. If you have more polling points and 3 are on the target and one isn’t it takes the damage in that period as 75% rather than 0.

That is not what it means… It’s saying it polls all enemy slow into a bundle and all friendly slow into a bundle and then compares bundles

1 Turret 20% < Orisa 30% slow … Slow = 30%
2 Turrets 40% > Orisa 30% slow … Slow = 40%
3Turrets 60% > Orisa 30% slow … Slow = 60%

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The beam weapon is already high risk medium reward. If for someone reason you coordinated well enough to have the damage ramp up, you’ve inadvertently become tunnel visioned. By that I mean, your peripheral awareness goes way down during the maximum damage window. Its part of symmetra’s clunky kit - but we’ve made do with it because of teleport escapes, turret slows, and 3dps coverage.

Contrast this with a widowmaker. Her damage ramp up is 1-2 seconds to line up, go into scope, tunnel and click. Yes, her peripheral awareness is reduced during this time, but she’s at range where its arguably reducing the potential threats to 1-2 sources max. Meanwhile, she promises 1 shot kills which is tremendous value.

When I’m getting a big laser i yell it out to my team so they can body block me from all the hooks, nades, 1shots and flanking ult threats I won’t be able to appreciate during that time.

What a nuissance for my team? How much work/reward value is that when they could simply swap me out for a McCree who has the agency and impact to just do what he wants, when he wants, and collect sr for it ?

Again, all these trade offs are OK if you have a teleporter on-demand you can weave through, self-mitigating the risks of your laser vision.

I was getting SO annoyed with my team in one game earlier, We had a Rein and a Monkey… and I would get ramped up, engage with them, and then they would stop and back off leaving me to die.

Yes now imagine trying to be a symmetra dps hard carry down in bronze where the tanks take literally zero space. Without a full ladder reset even my top 1% symmetra stats won’t be able to carry out of that mess. At least with a teleporter i had a chance and no one to blame but myself.

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Yep you had a way to engage and then get out… Now you are going to be entirely at your Tanks disposal… Which is not great.