WOO! I am so happy! I have new forum powers!


you can remove the wiki status from the post


yep you can :smiley: i made one of my threads into a wiki then changed it back quickly before someone edited it. idk what happens if it’s already edited tho. lemme try it on the on earlier


it keeps the changes


yeah. tho wait doesn’t wiki retain history of the post based on who edited it? or did i just imagine it earlier? cause when i turned wiki off there was edit history but no details on who made the edits/changes


i think it keeps track of changes


Thank you! I just need to know that i can stop people from editing it if something goes wrong. I found good use for it on my thread.


And this is when the powers are used for evil.


yeah i just noticed those << and >> button XDDD



Enjoy your new privilages


Trust me…I am hehehe


Congrats SunsetHippo! :smiley:


But can you use



That feeling when you’re still level 1 :confused:


Did you get informed of that, or did you figure it out by trying to post links?


I think I’m level 0 and untrusted.

…must be due to my winky face.

(100th Post)


Jelly didn’t even know I was level 3.

I’m so happy😁


I’ll join you in 2 days, Jelly! We’ll be level 3 Tracers against the world!


You need honestly use your Free-time in something more WORTH and BETTER for you than post in a video-game forum so often

2500 post in a few months, when most of us have 300 - 400 post even if we are super-active-posters but yeah 2500 post in this short time is insane. For your own good take a break of this thing


“Cheers love, the Calvary’s here”


Good for you and everything but I qualify under basically everything that thread said and I’m still level 2.

I don’t know what it means by

Does this mean I have to view like thousands if not hundreds of thousands of threads in order to read 25% of all threads created in 100 days? If so, that absolutely sucks. How am I supposed to do that if the requirement changes basically every second with a new thread?