Won 7 games in comp and demoted?

I just finished winning my 7th game to rank up in support (I was g2) and I got demoted back down to g4. This is very disheartening as I have put a lot of time into ranking up all the way from S5 when I was a Plat in OW1. I didnt come close to losing 20 matches either, so why have I been demoted for winning?

Not sure what is going on with the OW2 rankled system. I swear Blizzard said it was fixed. If anyone has experienced something similar or knows why this happened please respond.

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It means you were judged to have performed poorly and lost more than you won. You deranked naturally

I only lost 5 games to 7 wins. Also, my performance were definately not poor compared to the teammates/enemies.

I find it hard to believe the game would punish you for meeting the requirements to rank up. You woulnt expect to rank up after losing 20 games would you?

i just won all 7 of my games after my rank and went from plat-1 to gold 2 when i always had 8k+ dmg and 2.5 kdr wtf is happening im not playing ranked to win and get demoted