Won 7 comp matches and stayed the same rank

I won 7 comp matches on dps and when I won the 7th game to get promoted I stayed the exact same rank. I went 7 and 5 how does not rank me up at all??

It may be due to an averaging out of your performance in matches. If you are hitting the same range of stats per match, you may have just hit a performance cap until you break that average

Idk I’ve gotten like 15-20k damage every game. Been playing pretty good so idk if that’s it

I got the same bug. I won 7 matches and only lost 1, each time either being a close game or completely wiping the floor. I still stayed the same rank afterwards.

I have just finished another 7 wins in ranked mode and i haven’t got new rank ? I was plat 3 and what i have got is plat 3 ? Is it possible, is this how it should work ? If its because of mmr how am i supposed to climb ? Like i know that i have sh*t mmr because i have played more then thousands games, but i know how win games, otherwise i wouldnt hit master when i played OW1 last time.