With piercing orbs gone

We’ll lose a great ability to counter static shield comps. It’s really useful. You can change everything else but the game will really miss her orbs :frowning:

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time for bastion to shine, since he’s fastest at destroying shields

If you are talking about sym, her orbs still pierce barriers, but explode on impact with enemy hero or terrain. Orbs will be faster to charge, travel speed will be increased, so you still can counter static shield comps after rework

Where did you read that they are still piercing barriers?


I need to know where we read that it’s guaranteed her orbs will explode on contact. Last I checked, those were just ideas they were exploring.

Nobody exactly knows what they meant when they said they’ll ‘explode on impact’/

If it does imply ‘explode on shield’ orbs have lost pretty much all their utility as they are best suited as a push-prevention tool.
grouping up and pushing through narrow chokes against sym orbs is close to a death-sentence.
even if they do go through shield and explode on character-impact, their utility is greatly decreased due to aforementioned reason to use right click.

Also, the fact that right click drains ammo but doesn’t replenish on impact ( assumption as no details given about that) but left click DOES recharge ammo on shield impact, there’s no reason to use right click over left click.

“Enemies/environments”. Not barriers

That’s a big assumption you’re making there as they don’t specify whether or not that see barriers as either part of the environment or enemy.
my personal guess is they’re going to act similar to pharah rockets, impact-wise.
If it touches anything, it explodes.


Yeah, that’s one part of her kit I don’t get being reworked.

People complained about her LMB being too powerful for an auto-aim weapon.

People complained about being constantly nagged about Shield Generator, or how it was cancer.

Was anyone out there complaining about her RMB Orbs? They have their niche, but aren’t great outside of it.

Maybe it’s going to be removed. They said environments and enemy players but they didn’t specify if they are counter barriers with that. It might still pierce through barriers but explode on contact with players or environment objects like the ground or railing.

Yes. More of a “this thing is too slow and takes too long to use” kind of complaining. The new version will be faster and deal AoE damage. It’s a small sacrifice to also lose the ability the pierce barriers. But then again it might not. Like I said they never really confirmed that.

They are not changing her weapon because people were complaining about it being op.

They are changing her weapon because it is the exact opposite . It is one of the weakest weapons in the game both primary and secondary wise.

that ability to pierce shields is the only reason to use it.
Throw it into groups that push and they’re down half their HP before the actual fight begins.
People that say it’s too slow are using it at long range like they’re pharah rockets.
RMB is a zoning and strategy tool, not intended to actually take out enemies but to scare the crap out of them.
The optimal range to use them is when you’re at the back or side of your own team at medium-close range.

RMB is a glorified ult-farming tool, expecting it to be useful for anything else is hilariously weird.

They directly specified that orbs will explode on impact with hero or terrain. If it would work like Pharah’s rocket, he woudln’t specify what triggers the explosion or Geoff would write about barriers.
But he didn’t

We’re both speaking in hypotheticals here, of course.
Imagine the phrase ‘explode on impact’ instead of the phrasing he currently used.
if he used that phrase, people would be asking which specific impact.
I think he tried to give us enough details to work with but clearly unsuccessfully haha.
We’re shifting the goalpost by needing more and more details in order to satisfy our curiosity but we won’t get it.

I think, at this point, it’s safe to assume the worst ( shield impact explodes RMB ) and hope for the best.

Why don’t we stop trying to make assumptions based on what the devs say because people have gotten things wrong before.

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