With decent netcode tracer would be managable


But since it’s so bad and she ignores half of bullets that show hitmark animations - she can freely dive into mccree with no fear


Oh damn, Tracer’s character design is so meta that it affects IRL gameplay. That’s deep thinking, blizz. Million iq


Meanwhile does Tracer’s pulse bomb disappear mid air or see you the message disappear.


Be me.

A disgruntled support main getting rekt by Tracers who have no business literally carrying games at my rank.

Pick up Roadhog to focus the ever-loving hell out of them.

Watch as Tracers constantly break my hooks in wide-open space.

Watch as Tracers constantly Recall out of hook in the middle of being pulled to me.

What a great hero, basically passive immunity to most abilities that counter her. I’m glad she got dumpstered by Brig.


Why did you pick Roadhog to counter Tracer?


Thats who I use too, or mei.

If you can hit icicle or hook its over, cept for lag recalls.


Flick hooks are pretty reliable if you’re good enough to know where they’re blinking.


Really? i see many Tracer bait hook without breaking sweat.


The ones that think they’re clever by blinking behind you through you… yeah that can get them killed pretty easy lol


Because I’m just not built for hitscan which is what makes up most of the heroes people call her counters, and everything else is one-shots like Hog’s hook combo (when it actually works correctly). I can’t just “lol headshot her 4head” so there weren’t many other options.


Meanwhile, I’ll blink out of a McCree flashbang and get sent BACKWARD despite me already blinking past it. Cool amirite?


Or just continue your blink even if you got stunned before you blinked on the McCree’s screen. Blink is the buggiest ability in the game.