Winter Wonderland Event - Is it really happening this week?

Keep in mind that they are on a strike, the office is probable empty.

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LOL I’m glad you can laugh Andy. Oh well, thanks for telling us


Was it because a lot of employees were to busy harassing their underlings or playing cod, while they forced said underlings to do their workload? was it they were just flat out drunk, or to busy stealing breast milk again?

Or was it they were helping HR burn important documents pertaining to the legal battle with the government? Or was corporate getting ready to fire the mass employees staging the strike or wanting to unionize?

Or is corporate hoping to weaponize the Christmas events to try and get the fans to forget the bad pressure of learning all the uglyness of the stuff the company has and still been doing for YEARS. (Much like the mccree name change event among other things)

This started out as a joke but now that I finished typing it, I am just sad that one of my favorite gaming company is such a ugly monster.

I am sad now, actvision blizzard really “ended” my Christmas mood today, if you want to ban me go for it I don’t think I can bear the hope of being able to call myself a blizzard fan anymore. Especially since overwatch was one of my favorite games of all time with over 4000 hours spent on it.


It is the one on the left.

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Andy is like the musicians on the Titanic - he plays while the ship sinks! It keeps us more docile and prevents panic.

(Andy - there is a life vest and an inflatable raft by the galley. I put a GPS emergency beacon, some ham, a flashlight, and a copy of Warcraft III in there to keep you safe!)


The art team is really carrying the game at this point


Not just at this point, their backs have been hurting for a couple years, now.


tosses a santa hat. here you go now stop crying

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I just wanna see DVa’s mech become a sleigh and a Reindeer Orisa to pull it :weary: that ship is so decadent


I woudl say the game has been carried only by the art team in general.


I am pretty sure that most of the recent skins have been outsourced.




Sleighs are carried by reindeers

Reindeer Orisa confirmed


It makes sense, I would expect the best work to come from a company that actually does something. Ayy.

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Thank you for the transparency.

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I know that the concepts themselves are outsourced but idk about the 3D models

Other way around - the Blizzard art team makes the concepts, but the 3D models are outsourced.

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Aight that’s good to know so we don’t need to wonder when the event is starting.

Cheers Andy :hugs:


thanks for this update.

But any information about The Art of Overwatch Vol 2? it is not clear if the amazon date is reliable, depending on which country you select is always different!

And … any info on the release of New Bloods # 2?


May we at least have hints of who is to be receiving a skin?

Could maybe a particular green ninja be getting one?


Thanks Andy.
It should be a very good idea to say that on Twitter too, that’s better than saying nothing.