Winston needs to be meta for better games

I have been saying for so long that when winston is meta people tend to tilt less. When winston is meta it promotes movement. Ever since orisa stated becoming more and more meta tank players got way worst and even more stupid. it is so bad that tanks actually can’t think for themselves anymore. This isn’t even trolling and it must really suck for dps players because its your tanks throwing your games but you guys get blamed for it. i want you guys to ask your tanks what is there plan and i can assure you they either have no plan or say im gonna make space and if they say that ask them how. you will hear crickets. Stop blaming your dps and start looking at your tanks more and you will see most games you lose its because of them.


Facts I’ve always said it’s tanks job to protect dps. Dps protect healers an healers protect tanks. If dps get bad protection they die meaning the supports die meaning tanks die last which makes them think they are somehow doing the best

Tru all roles have gotten way to ez. Supports don’t have to worry about dive as much. I.e. brig bap Moira. Tanks don’t have to learn how to take space I.e. sigma orisa. And dps can’t do anything if the tank is bad or it’s a widow Ashe duel. It’s sad values have gotten so big the macro is greater than the micro.