Winston god teir. How long?


You are talking about her overall damage not the burst…
How can that be so hard to comprehend?


You are talking about the burst which is effected by her overall damage.

How is that so hard to comprehend?


When your overall damage goes down it can go down without having an effect on your burst damage.
They are 2 separate concepts and should be considered as such in a single target scenario.


Save when part of that burst is reliant on an ability that is being changed. could not burst down hero’s as consistently before the introduction of Micro Missiles.

As a result of nerfing her Micro Missiles this means that her burst is being effected. To what degree is hard to call but it will result in lower burst.


Ofcourse she couldn’t that patch changed the burst from a fly-melee-shoot combo to fly+melee then shoot+rockets combo.

Splash =/= direct hit. Unless you can link to a 100% irrefutable confirmation of the splash+direct hit=damage calculation.


Note the word “BURST” potential is to high.


Now that wasn’t so hard was it?

Next time when you start arguing over something just link the proof instead of acting like a pseudo intellectual. :slightly_smiling_face:

And even with that being proven i still don’t think that a reduction of 2 will be enough to lower the 200 burst as you only need to shoot a fraction of a second longer than before.


I mean, I knew it without having to look it up because I already knew that her Micro missiles already were part of what made her able to burst.

Amazing how we both looked at these patch notes and you magically forgot about it when it was inconvenient to your argument. Even when I reminded you of it instead of just admitting you are wrong you decide to attack me personally because I did not simply link something you should have already known in the first place.

I will give you points for at least admitting you were wrong on it though as most would likely try to wiggle out of it.

As I said before, I do not know how big of an effect it will have on her burst. I just know it will have an effect that reduces it. The math presented by the dev team shows 22% damage reduction which is considerable.

If it does the same in practice as it does in theory I think it will be more impactful than you think.


YOU assumed that i fully read the patch notes.
Even when i asked for proof earlier of the calculation model.
That’s on YOU.

Yes it is a part of her burst but the majority damage comes from being able to use everything at the same time. The burst takes marginally longer for the portion of the rockets but you only have to hit 5-6 rockets currently for the burst.
The reduction of 2 to each is just less than a single shot added to complete the same burst.


GOOD LORD. People in the forums cry about everything. So, the forums want to:
Buff Mercy
Buff Ana
Keep Brigette the same
Nerf Tracer
Nerf Genji
Nerf DVA
Nerf Roadhog in low tiers
Nerf Wiston now???

This sounds like more of a “get good” case. Bad players are baddd.


I assumed that the person I was having a discussion on a topic would have read about the topic before hand. Especially considering they are patch notes.

As for you asking for it I just had to go back and realized you asked it of ANOTHER user. Not me. I did not even see that request.

Educating yourself on a topic before undergoing a discussion about it is on YOU not everyone around you.

With micro missiles being a part of it… meaning that you have to use them to effectively burst. Something I said earlier.


I don’t think Winston is op at all. What makes him seem “god tier” is how well he creates space and enables other heroes to dps uncontested.


When the other person in an argument is wrong it is on you to educate them on why they are wrong. On a topic in a forum discussing the same topic with multiple people is not uncommon. When i asked for the proof from someone else they did not reply and nobody else pointed me to the actual proof.

You said that this was a huge nerf i said it wasn’t as big as you think as it adds just mere fractions of a second to do the same burst.


Going to move on from the burden of proof argument as its not conducive to the topic at hand.

I said that it is because I do believe it is going to be of larger impact then you think.

Just because you think its not a big nerf does not make it not a big nerf.

Same as me saying it will be a big nerf does not make it one.

Like I have said. It remains to be seen but I do believe it will be much more impactful than you realize. So lets just agree to disagree and let time tell us the truth when it goes live.


Have you actually played Winston? Because from what I can tell from your profile you don’t. Sure he may seem strong on paper, but I can assure you that when you actually play him you gain an understanding for how difficult it is to get value out of him. There is a reason that in diamond and below shield tanks are played, whereas in masters and above Winston is played. It is crazy hard to play Winston without feeding your brains out. But then people assume he is “skill-less” because he doesn’t require aim. Put those same 1337 DPS players on Winston and they just die repeatedly and blame it on everyone else.

You see, when you see someone play Winston correctly it looks super easy, and then people get the idea that he is overpowered. I can assure you it is not anywhere close to as easy as you think.


That would actually be awful. You think it’s a good idea, until you’re on a team with a Winston and you have to wait 18 seconds to go in because your Winston was forced to use his bubble to cover an ally making a mistake, and now you’re all stuck either waiting for his cooldown, or just going in without it (and 100% guaranteed dying).


You mean when DVa had a 4 second DM? Or do you mean earlier, when DVa’s DM had no activation cooldown?


Like im a biased winston main but

while he is strong character all these attributes you listed have their own draw back

he only has 1 mobility option and its an ability that doesnt have any invincibility frames on a 6 second cool down

his gun does very little damage and is fairly ineffective against armor

his shield has a 13 second cooldown and only blocks 600 damage which is less than any other shield in the game

His ult feeds the enemy team a lot of ult charge and his dps is significantly lower while in it

Not to mention he is one of the squishy tanks due to having a huge hurtbox but only 500 health and no self heal

I don’t really understand how you could nerf character without completely ruining him as he is a fairly basic character as it is


oh really?, i might think discord affect all heroes, you know?


Never trust a tier list. The worst characters can be “god tier” in the hands of the right person. Overwatch is all about the right tools for the right job. You’re right when you say Genji, Dva and Tracer have success because of Winston because he’s the right character to pair with them to help get their jobs done. Plus, these things change like the weather and that tier list you cling to will just change again and again.