Winston Cosmetics?

Uprising started in April last year actually. Then just a couple weeks after that ended Anniversary started up around the end of May.

So either event is plausible. Then again we don’t know if they plan on doing more standard cosmetic drops or not, so…

Winston actually was part of the Uprising story, he appeared in the comic at the training facility when they were evaluating whether Tracer was fit for active duty. A skin for him in this next event doesn’t seem too unlikely to me.

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Spring starts in March.

So Uprising Event huh

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Better than nothing : D

Hey @JeffreyKaplan can you add music to legendary skins or even more voice lines?

Yay? Ehh. I dont play winston enough to care. Now wheres my girl orisa’s skin.


Lulu emote with symmetra i will like to

But what about Orisa… anyone? #OrisaMainsUnite

Orisa Mains Unite!!!

She already has a truck load, no offence but we need to worry about the Heros that really need skins like Orisa,Bastion,maybe Mei,Rein would be nice,Hanzo could still use one or two more,Doomfist,Moira,and i think Lucio could use one, if i missed any please let me know.

What about symmetra jeff please tell me she will be getting a skin

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