Wins for events

Would it be possible for the devs to consider removing the win requirements for weekly challenge events? Could it be stat cards at the end maybe? Or total playtime? I would love for OW to be more about having fun and doing your best than simply winning. Thanks for reading.

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The problem is that rewarding specific prizes simply based on playtime can lead to more players not putting in the good effort to play to win. However this is why it only takes nine wins to get all three prizes (which I personally believe is more than enough for most players who play this game to any serious extent). I myself can get nine wins in about four hours quite often.

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Just lower your expectations. Get the first unlock after struggling to 3 wins. Let the mass of yappy dogs chase unlocks they don’t appreciate while running over each other and everyone else making the mistake of playing during events.

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Sorry, I agree 9 is certainly not a lot. I just have personal issues that make it difficult. Thank you for responding.

The one thing that makes me not want to play OW is my fomo being used against me and other people in the community responding with “just git gud, win 4head” this game isn’t fun at all when you have to try hard, it hasn’t been that fun since late 2016/early 2017.

Couldn’t the same be said for priority tickets? I mean dps players can go and throw in flex queue and still be rewarded with priority tickets when they lose. If we’re giving out tickets for loses it should just be 9 games played tbh.

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I think its more about playing longer, not playing better. More games required = more people suffering through the matchmaker.

That is a different matter and best explained here:

To be honest, I normally don’t mind the win requirement. But every once in a while I have a really bad night where I lose most or all of my games. When you’re on a hot streak and winning a lot, the occasional loss doesn’t really matter too much, but when you have a bad day the win requirement makes it feel that much worse.

So, I think that maybe it should be 9 wins or 27 loses or something. It would be nice when you’re on a losing streak to still get something to make you want to keep playing instead of just throwing in the towel.


9 wins isn’t a lot sure but some people only can play one or two games a night and you might get horrible luck on top of that. the problem that is that not everyone wants a legendary skin that makes character look crazy some people just want a recolor of there favorite hero or main they don’t really offer to much of this now except the weekly challenges.

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It should be playtime based on performance (match stats exist). Needing to win ruins this game for me, and I doubt I’m alone. I just want to play for fun, but it’s stressful sometimes.