Windows 10 2004

since i updated my windows 10 to version 2004, i can’t open the overwatch could someone help me?

Can you expand? any error messages? drivers updated ok? have you tried to reinstall?

I can confirm that Overwatch runs on the newest version of Windows without issue. You may need to add new exceptions for Overwatch to your antivirus, or temporarily disable it. Or perhaps one of your gaming peripherals isn’t working with the new update, causing it to block the launch of the game. Either way, we’re guessing without a DxDiag. Can you add one, please?

I had several problems after I updated Windows, so I ended up choosing to restore the windowns to a previous version so that I would not have any more problems, this will solve everything, but thanks for the help anyway

had the same problem since yesterday. for me it was again the razer software. not the first time razer software breaks a game

Okay so the issue is likely that the windows update doesn’t work with some of the peripheral software or it received an update at the same time. And the reason I didn’t run into any issues is because I’m not using any Razer products.

I recommend you perform a “perfmon /report” command (yes it takes an m) In a console that you open with the run as administrator button. What this command does is it performs a system analysis and tells you what devices/drivers are having a problem and many other features, and it has a nice graphical interface which make it more comprehensible. If no device/drivers are a problem, you may need to delete and reinstall the game.

I can confirm that Razer is not a part in this, unless some new problem came out that I am unaware of?

Yeah there’s another thread where after the update to windows they had to roll back the Razer drivers, and it resolved the issue.