Window of Opportunity

I got 7 different Bap ults in a single life in a game on Blizzard World and both I and my team were shooting through them. Still no achievement. Do I need to venmo the enemy team $25 each to have them sit still in front of the ult to get this achievement or what?

I know that Sony/MS think it’s illegal to change achievements, but at this point Blizz has to say “yeah, we nerfed the hero enough to where it’s no longer really possible without boosting/sacrificing a baby to Mei/etc., so we’re changing to make it possible”.


I would definitely try and get a Bastion teammate.

Yeah, I think you should of gotten it by then, but I guess not enough damage to reach the limit.

It’s pretty ridiculous tbh.
It’s easier to go for healing Tanks rather than doing damage.

Now that you can get achievements and trophies in Quick Play Classic that would be your best bet.

Also they can change the requirements because they did with Hanzo, Mercy, and Torb’s trophies.