Will you ever do anything about bronze to gm's?

the thing is: it ruins the game for 11 peoples. bronze players struggle with the basic stuff: mouving around, tracking people, basic aiming…

Everything about bronze to GM is morally wrong.

Good for you, you’re gold. Only like 20% of the playerbase is better than you.
90% of the playerbase is better than bronze players. There are a LOT of smurf in bronze. The worse hours, it’s around 1 games with smurf for 3 games without smurfs. And only 10% of the playerbase is bronze on a 1500SR scale. Do you know how many times i played 3-5 games in a row against the same smurf? It breaks you.


zarya - „i will break you!“

people may joke about lumping bronze-plat in the same basket, but in reality a plat player in bronze is basically a high school athlete dunking on preschoolers

  1. they already stated that they wont tolerate bronze to GM
  2. thats why streamers do unranked to GM now
  3. if you find someone whos doing bronze to GM just report
  4. even if every single GM would do bronze to GM once a month its a good chance you would only see 1 or 2 guys per month if you play enough.
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more like a high school athlete just dunking on someone with no skill in said athletic, a GM in bronze/low plat I would consider the same. High plat + is the fun stuff :slight_smile:

no i’m not

eh you got that mixed up

and 0.01% of those is a gm, those smurfs are low plat people who can’t climb there so they throw to bronze to feel superior

lol, just because someone plays better than you doesn’t mean they are a smurf. instead of blaming others for your losses, try improving your own gameplay.


Just think about smurfs and bronze to whatever players like this. If they curb stomp you, find out why. Use this and exploit it. They already underestimate you guys at the bottom. So if you throw out something that makes them have to play harder now they are focusing on you rather than the whole team

Example, doomfist players in gold. One game i played and it clicked in my head when i was playing ana support. Doom right out of spawn on route 66 dived me in the back line. I was dead before i could react. So i switched and went brig, i know if i stayed ana i couldnt hit my sleep darts every time. I would essentially just keep dying to him. Instead i shut him down that entire game. I mean we lost in the end but i at least made him switch off cuz he knew he wasnt going to run through us like he thought.

We only lost cuz my team couldn’t do anything about the other 5 players on the team idk. But it helps you get better

Let’s be honest, you don’t get any smurf. You’re a diamond player. If anything, you’re the one smurfing.
So of course, you don’t anything you’re talking about.
It’s easy to notice someone who doesn’t belong in the LOWEST rank in the game.
Bronze player struggle with the most basic stuff.

A smurf in bronze:

  • They appears a lot on the kill feed (usually end up with more than 65% kill participation, up to 98%). Bronze players are not consistent.
  • They flick shots (bronze players never flick shots) and they land most of their shots.
  • Camera mouvements are fast and smooth.
  • Low level players are often smurfs.
  • High level players - Their profil is public and their season high was diamond/plat (13 seasons in a row. 6 hours and 5% winrate on lucio, this season. 4 hours on widow - 92% winrate ).
  • Insta kill. Time to kill in bronze is pretty high.


Google up Kaplan PCGamer Smurfs.

“Smurfing—and I know this isn’t what you want to hear—isn’t really that big of an issue,” Kaplan wrote. “For example, a few weeks ago one of the Pro Overwatch players created a smurf account and was streaming from it. We were able to watch his MMR internally and compare it against his ‘main’ account. Within 15 games, the MMR’s were equal. I know there is a very bad perception of smurfing. But the reality is, skilled players are moved rapidly out of lower skill situations.”

The lead OW Dev thinks smurfing is a non-issue and not a problem at all. Smurfs are here to stay. For all the span of Overwatch.

I think this would be the best overall answer How matchmaker should work (imho)

That post is out of date. Here is Jeff’s latest statement:

To answer the original post: throwing down to bronze is against the rules. Sharing accounts to do a bronze to GM is also not fine.

Unranked to GM is fine.

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The trollish throwing/boosting behavior happens more in bronze and silver. I suspect most of these players are diamond or so, but a diamond player is unstoppable at that rank (when they want to be).

lol are you kidding…people in plat are not that good at all. Most of them look like they’re playing with their feet bahahaahahahah

The fun far outweighs the frustration. One time i got beeftipsy in a few of my games on an alt. I was pretty excited and it was a lot of fun. From my perspective theres not a great reason to stop.

Aka They don’t see an issue or problem. Game on.

Now if the player sees it as a problem, they’ve the hard decision to make. Continue playing OW, or move to another game where a GM smurf doesn’t impact gameplay.

If they are able to get away with unranked to GM, then it highlights the HUGE problems with initial placements.

Lol what? How? Why? Explain please.

i do that all the time its very fun :slight_smile:

have you seen bronze players? like actual bronze