Will we ever get access to the old forums

or old posts that were deleted randomly for some reason when they weren’t against like TOS or anything?

The old forums are retired. Sometimes you can find excerpts from them on Google. Deleted posts won’t be resurfaced.

that sucks cause there was a lot of things discussed on there i wanted to grab. :confused: did they give any reason why? like can we not even go on the way back machine or anything to find stuff?

I think the reason is just that they upgraded the forum system. As someone who used both extensively, I think this one is much more dynamic and looks nicer. I miss some features of the old one, but not enough to want them to go back.

As for the WaybackMachine, uh, not sure. You might find text-only versions, but the graphics that made everything line up on the pages are defunct.

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Please note, I have archived all developer posts (since the launch of Overwatch 1) from the old forums in this forum thread:

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