Will there ever be an SR refund system?

Just curious.

When it comes to technical errors in the Blizzard servers, will there ever be a way the team can make something where they give people SR back?

Server failures on Blizzard’s part are obviously not the fault of ISPs or the consumers so I really think Blizzard should prep themselves and have something to compensate those for their technical flubs.

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Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

Remember if you see the message, “Lost Connection to the Server” in the title screen or the message “Failed to Connect to Server” in yellow text in the text chat box, this means there is something that disrupted your connection to the game server and not a problem with the game server itself. There can be a variety of reasons this happens including those that don’t disconnect your computer from the Internet.

Only the time when you get “Server closed due to an unexpected error.” is a malfunction of the game server, and the match will be cancelled with no result (and often restarted).

I’m pretty sure that doesn’t always happen.

First, yes I am aware that for cases like individual DC’s, yes. Blizzard has zero way of knowing if it was on their end or the users end including their ISP.

However, on several occasions, such as a mass outage that took place a few months ago where many got kicked out of their matches and couldn’t log in, Blizzard came clean and said it was the clients fault that those outages occurred and when people complained about it, they simply were honest and said they had no way of refunding SR because there is no algorithm or feature on their servers that allow them to do that.

I’m just wanting to know if there is going to be some method of compensation for those people who lost their SR in the future in case something like that occurs again since it is only fair that they be compensated for something that is proven to not be a fault on their side.

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