Will there be a fix to matchmaking?

I’m sure this topic isn’t really discussed a lot these days, but it’s honestly been bothering me quite a bit.

While everyone is so focused on hero changes, I’m mostly just wondering when there will be a change to the matchmaking algorithm. Before anyone says, I should improve and get better, that is not the point.

For example, I average 2-3 picks a team fight. Huge advantage for our team since enemy team is forced or should be forced to stay back a little bit as they’re down their 2 healers. Sadly, that’s never the case for how my matches have been lately. It’s gotten to the point where every time I do get the important picks, my team still gets stomped to eventually spawn camped for the duration of the entire match.

I’m not generally the type of person that heavily focuses on wanting to win or anything, as I’m more of a casual type player these days. But it’s also not a fun experience when I’m in queue for 5-10 mins, and me and the rest of the team get steamrolled within 2-3 mins.

Why is this game so heavily unbalanced when it comes to matchmaking? How does this system exactly work?

If people would like to have 10 codes of my last 10 matches that are all losses due to all of this steamroll, I can paste them per request.

Remember that matchmaking (both the publicly displayed skill rating and the hidden MMR attached to skill rating) is merely a number is that is for the most part based on your ability to win and lose matches. Now some matches feel like instant wins… and instant losses and I think you are looking to have matches that feel like you had to play hard to earn each win. Overwatch at all ranks rarely goes that way (and disparity is even seen in pro play like Overwatch League).

Source: RE: WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH MMR - Old Forum Archives

There is a very in-depth topic that is kept up to date that answers most questions.

Post codes if you see fit. However to save time let me remind you that the one common factor that contributes to each of those matches always will be yourself. I recommend using the replay tool to figure out where you have made individual mistakes and how you can correct them. This can include why and how did you die each time, did you play the correct heroes, was your positioning good to be able to secure kills or heal your teammates? All of these questions and more must be constantly re-evaluated every time you play if you are interested in seriously climbing.

With OW2 they really don’t have an incentive to make major changes to matchmaking. They don’t want to fix or add features.

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They’ve ignored the extremely broken matchmaking for years. Add to that all the alt and smurf accounts and it’s useless even hoping they’ll ever lift a finger to fix any of it…
here’s some map pools and hero bans though… look, we did something!

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I wish the arcade modes had proper matchmaking. Just because they are not ranked/quick doesn’t mean people like to be stomped. Just yesterday we had to quit playing with my duo queueing friend because we kept getting put against a six stack of 4 top500/gm and 2 masters players in quick play classic when our team had just plats, a diamond and then me at masters. They literally spawn camped and there’s nothing you can do about it. 6 stacking as top500 team is a choice. If they make that choice then they should be required to wait until they can face another top500 6 stack or at least a full team of same average SR players. The queues from my experience on other arcade modes are quite low so there’s no reason to not have a tighter matchmaking. No one should get a free ticket of stomping and ruining other people’s night.

Well, as I’ve mentioned I am only a casual player these days so I mix back and forth between quick play and arcade modes. From my personal experience these last few months playing Overwatch, these “casual” modes felt more like I was playing competitive than the casual aspect of these modes. I do understand people play to win, but it does seem odd with how I get the short end of the stick when it comes to these matches where I get steamrolled 99% for the duration of the day, or as you mentioned have to play hard to earn the win. I played with a couple friends just the other day, and all of us plats were placed against masters. Sure I can slightly improve more the better players I play against. But if I really wanted to improve, I’d be spamming competitive all day, watching replays of what went wrong and trying to get some tips.