Will Sym be played in Season 2?


Meanwhile Sym’s 15 second ULT is blocking all your shots and we have one tick two ticks oh we’ve captured the point


on gold elo maybe… but no on high skill level play :slight_smile:


As petty as it sounds, its quite realistic.

Pros have to always point things out when its already so obvious.


A 5000hp wall. I know Widowmaker is good but unless you have Sombra’s ULT ready or a Bastion or Whole Hog you will struggle to shift this wall.


The bigger question is, Will any DPS role be picked in season 2? or is it going to be goats vs goats all the time?


Hopefully, then all of her poorly balanced and design issues and lies Blizzard gave us on Symmetra 3.0 will be brought to light to the general community and we might actually get her in working order. Doubt it. We probably will have to wait to Overwatch 2 for a functioning Symmetra that is better balanced.


I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the exact same thing like season 1: it’s either going to be GOATS simulator because the pros are too lazy to try and realize that just because a comp is strong, it doesn’t mean it has to be played all the time ( it’s almost like they forget they can just…not play GOATS, what a surprise :o ) OR it’s going to be Dive, again.

So I really doubt Sym is gonna see some playtime. I’m not sure if I mind it that much though because I don’t think they’re going to actually use her if not for some cheeky first point TP. I’d love to see a pro use her effectively, like they actually know what they’re doing. I doubt that’s gonna happen though :confused:


The real sad thing is if you play custom games or TM even reducing her CD’s to almost nothing still doesn’t make Sym useful. Even with a TP on a 3 second CD it’s still garbage. The turrets aren’t much better as they die almost instantly even if you can toss them out like crazy.


A good sym wall still puts the team with widow 5vs6, it completly denies hitscans.


The problem imo with the wall is it doesn’t really last long enough. Sure it’s up for a very long time all things considered and it almost never gets destroyed via dmg. But if you consider the fact you have to barrier jump to get any use out of it 99% of the time it’s not that great. After all at best your getting shielded only half the time as you jump back and forth.

Frankly the best aspect of the Sym wall is against healers that can’t heal through barriers. It really destroys Ana, Moira and to a degree Lucio and Brig. Being able to cut off their team from healing is a fairly nice thing.

Still feels more like a normal ability than an ultimate though. Despite how impressive it looks you rarely block that much actual dmg. Most of the dmg blocked were just stray shots that wouldn’t have hit anyone any ways.


Changing the fire rate of her secondary to 30mps. Oh boy. That feels good.


Dead Eye
DVa bomb
Tactical Visor
Line of sight for snipers
Earth shatter

Can also stop line of sight for Supercharger


Switching even if you have your ultimate is a good strategy in certain situations, sometimes you just need to get things moving along as fast as possible


It’s not like her ULT takes long to get though. You can tell how bad a Sym player is by how long it takes them to get their ULT


That’s irrelevant to what I said though, if your team needs someone that isn’t Symm right at that exact moment then switching regardless of your ultimate may be the right move


:eyes: I wouldn’t switch though


Oki dokie then, switching may also be the wrong strategy, who knows

That’s all I was trying to say though, it’s just something to consider and not always a bad play even if it looks like it would be.


well, I just wonder if she doesn’t get any play this season if she’ll be given more tweaks in the future and if so what.

Jeff acknowledged a while back that they were 100 per cent happy with her rework in a Kotaku interview but nothing seems to have come from it.

I think she’s okay but I wouldn’t say no to:

• faster TP deployment and bigger interact radius or increased placement range
• being able to hold her orbs/ faster projectile speed


First and most important is a fix to the god-awful ‘snap to closest’ targeting that KEEPS. MESSING. UP. AROUND. RAILINGS.


I’ve posted like 3 times in the bugs page that her beam still isn’t charging up on Mei’s ice wall in deathmatch since it was patched in the main game and it’s still that way.