Will OW2 just be a continuation of this smurf and cheater fest?

With $20 smurf sales weekends every month?


Yep, the game is trash idk what anyone else expects. Get ready for some weird new monetization scheme - I’m betting they try and copy some kind of ‘Season Pass’ nonsense, that seems to be where most triple A games are going. I’ve never liked it as a model, but then again I was too old to be convinced to rent rather than own my games experiences.


Blizzard is convinced their system works for handling smurfing

Meanwhile there are daily uploads on youtube for bronze to grandmaster challenges


and daily stream of that challenge on twitch


Jeff recently admitted smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution but not to expect anything til Overwatch 2 or later as they need to factor in how account creation works on consoles which makes it not an easy fix, apparently.

IMO for PvP yes, for PvE I doubt it. But I’m only buying OW2 for PvE. I’ll stick to OW1 for PvP.

I think the problem of the game is complete balancing stupidity and tonns of cheaters, not smurfing