Will other under represented groups have representation soon?


Okay, and people are dying because of illness, people are dying because of accidents, peple are dying because of natural disasters



Oh, you’d be surprised on how the world evolves and history repeats itself.

I would take a good look at riots in berkley as only one example.

May not be a war, but good deals of violence are present.

Be careful what you say, because being wrong about this stuff can lead to something you never wanted to see.



It seems fair to complain that one’s circumstance is represented and another isn’t regardless of the sides of which you identify with.

Btw, being gay is not political in and of itself but policy regarding jurisdiction that revolve around people’s sexuality has been political for a long time.


You’re a good man, writing good things. Keep with it. People whined they wanted more lgbt characters and then they got it, not in the form of a new hero, but one who was pretty much familiar to us for 3 years. I’m done with blizzard and their 1-way leftist streets. Rage at me all you want people.


Replying to the title: After this s**t show I hope not lmao.


Reinhardt is godfather for Brigitte. So here is Christian religion.


Lmao, 76 is Catholic. Two birds with one stone!


Hero #50000 statistically. There are thousands of ethnic groups bigger than yours.


No one is sad to see you go.

I’m sure this is a repeating theme of your life.


I’m all down for Father Ted being added to the Overwatch roster. I’m not even being sarcastic.


This is what the Romans thought. Expand your “progressive” mindset across the globe, integrate the Visigoths and other tribes who are fundamentally hostile to you, etc. Don’t be so sure of the progress of history.


No, the “source” of your discontent seems to rest solely in your perspective. No character should revolve around one tiny characteristic. Why should you assume that any of these other heroes don’t carry some of the traits you’ve stated?

Ana doesn’t appear to be on good terms with Sam or her daughter. Maybe she is pro-life and had Pharah yet couldn’t ever bring herself to embrace motherhood?

Maybe Mccree is Christian? Maybe Lucio is and that is what drives his music and views in the Omnic crisis?

These heroes can be anything. That is what you don’t get. Your perspective keeps you from even imagining any of this until someone slaps you in the face with it. You are so locked onto this paper thin idea that everyone around you must have a similar story to you.

Haha, you are all throwing that word around like it is a trading card. Representation isn’t some badge to earn. This game only has room for well written/designed heroes. I am sure they all have their quirks. What you are (intentionally) doing is just stoking the flame and trolling from behind your screen.

I’m tired of this “Us vs Them” troll war. It’s like prison where your only choice is to play it safe and agree with your side rather than be vulnerable in the middle.


Who said they can’t be well written?


What about the attack helicopters?

They should really put a helicopter transforming hero


They can and should be :slight_smile: - read the first part of my post.

These traits will be written into heroes naturally. Everyone keeps suggesting that x and y hero be made with only one defining trait as if to compete with “the gay hero” (as if that is all they are). Soldier is still Soldier in the end; his preference is just a part of him. That also means it is silly to think that “religious/atheist/conservative/etc” heroes don’t exist just because they aren’t screaming their position. It would be cool to find out Mccree is a catholic gunslinger or something after all the lore we got on him already. We haven’t seen how he spends his downtime outside of that bar scene with Sombra (if Soldier’s scene was him reminiscing over lost love and Pharah spent time with her dad, what were Mccree and Sombra doing?) so there is room in his character for us to discover.


So you’re saying that your response to me contradicts your response to the other user?
Am I a troll for not having a double standard like you? That’s pathetic.


To the original question, I hope not. People throw a tantrum if a minority is represented and players complain that their specific minority group is not represented; as seen in social media and well… even in this very thread.

I do believe Blizzard would continue to do it though for reasons of being forward thinking, getting into the press and causing a marketing impact.


Nope; it clearly doesn’t - maybe it is difficult for you to read but that’s okay. My point has been consistent and if you don’t like it, that’s fine.


I would like to see heroes from other nations than exisiting ones. Not another Swedish etc.


To write a good character you need to know something about them.
I repeat, why am I a troll? For not having a corrupt double standard?
“All representation is fine as long as it represents me”.