Will mercy have mass rez for uprising?

Thank you for the info Jeff!

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:cocktail::sake: Cheers!


Papa Jeff, have you been keeping current on the Mercy Megathread? We don’t know whether our feedback is still being heard or if it’s a quarantine thread.

We’ve been assuming the latter for a while now.


Welp. At this point all my hopes of ever seeing mass rez back in this game have dwindled to zero.


Jeff, if you may add a clarification, will you be tweaking factors from the original game mode to account for the difference? While I’m not personally convinced that Valk will be bad, the point that the old rez (with instant cast time) could provide some clutch moments where mercy wouldn’t have to stop and sit in front of the bastion to rez the Reinhardt does seem like it’d make a difference if the mode itself is unchanged. Or are we simply going to have to readjust to the new gameplay?


Yup. We did some tuning passes.


Auto-pilot Mercy for 1/4 of a minute is so much “fun”.


Awesome, thanks!

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Yeeeees, I CAN’T WAIT! -screams in ‘Heroes Never Die’-


Heroes Never Die is the line for Mercy’s REAL ult, mass rez. Not Valkyrie!

Once the line goes live, I’m taking a break from overwatch to avoid the heartache of seeing a pitiful imposter of an “ult” use Mercy’s signature line.


Not surprised at all, after all they didn’t change anything about Junkenstein’s Revenge after Ana’s nerfs. Ah well, I’ve played more Torbjörn since then so I’ll probably insta-lock him.

Mass rez: an ultimate that required thought and lots of predictions on enemy ults as well as the ult status and positions of your team in relation to enemies


An ult that is basically just an ult for non ult fights and is nothing but the ult of an eternal sidekic

Yep mass rez was the fun one, just because you decided to be hide and seek bot for the risky and often failing strategy of hide and rez dosen’t mean those of us who used the ult to it’s fullest didn’t have fun


But… Jeff… Rez as an ability is redundant in this mode cus everyone does it.

Oh whatever, we’ll see those stats go live and complaints about Mercy never getting picked in solo queue come in and my point will be made


Seriously? I thought I couldn’t get more disappointed, but here we go again with the devs changing balanced things. Just bring back her old ult for uprising, that’s all we ask.


First time Jeff has responded to anything Mercy related in a while and most of you outright bite his head off.


Phew! I was hoping for mass rez, as I worried new kit would be… problematic in the brawl, but hopefully some tuning will sort any issues out :slight_smile: Thanks Jeff

I mean, we ask them to do LESS work and just give MErcy back the old ult and instead they waste time rebalancing the mode around an entirely new ult.


As A Mercy player, I don’t WANT it back, not even for the event, and it should be blatantly obvious why they shouldn’t bring it back for the event.

It just gives fuel to the revertMercy demands. She has two E’s now, and that’s what we’re sticking with.


I have a bad feeling about this…

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Right now she has a mini ult with downsides tacked on to make it look like an E
And an E ability with longevity tacked on to make it look like an ultimate!
All of which is designed to make her the eternal sidekick in a game meant to make people feel like heroes, it’s awful and needs to be changed in some way shape or form