Will mercy have mass rez for uprising?

Just remember that they changed Mei’s ultimate for Mei’s snowball offensive and Yeti hunt to make it fit with the game mode! :smiley:

But your original reply (that I made a comment on) was to someone making the claim that killing a target healed by mercy typically requires being focused down by more than one person. Your counter argument was that most heroes do more than that themselves with body shots. My point was then that there are a lot of reasons that enemy players may not be able to easily deal out that much damage on a consistent basis. Trying to then reply to me with the argument of “obliterated by 2 or more people shooting at the same person” kind of goes full circle and invalidates your original statement.

Perhaps there was a miscommunication that I was trying to comment on a larger point being made between you and someone else, but I never said a single thing about her ultimate to you. Not really sure where that came from.

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But then again they also have abilities to help them in lost damage from aim. Please don’t forget about that. Mercy doesn’t have a burst heal ability when her ally is taking incredible amounts of damage it remains consistent.

Sure but you also have to account for the delta in damage done. For example, if a hero can dish out a reliable 100dps and mercy heals for 60dps, thats only 40dps, meaning it takes 5 full seconds of consistent damage to kill them from primary fire alone. Abilities can be use, for sure, but only a small subset of abilities have good burst damage at range or with high accuracy.

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Whoops, I thought we were arguing over Valkyie! I thought you were telling me that it was a good ultimate, and I was going “wtf it’s only a split version of her base beams”. Then I thought we were agruing over how “ultimate worthy” Mercy’s base beams were.

:cocktail::sake: Truce?

In Uprising 2018 Mercy has the current abilities that she does in the live game, meaning Valkyrie and rez as an ability.


Wait, so you think it should be valk then because it’s way more fun than mass res ever was!


…And nobody was surprised whatsoever!

Seriously, they didn’t bring back Ana’s old damage for the second Junkenstein, why would they make an exception for Mercy now?


Thank you for the info Jeff!

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:cocktail::sake: Cheers!


Papa Jeff, have you been keeping current on the Mercy Megathread? We don’t know whether our feedback is still being heard or if it’s a quarantine thread.

We’ve been assuming the latter for a while now.


Welp. At this point all my hopes of ever seeing mass rez back in this game have dwindled to zero.


Jeff, if you may add a clarification, will you be tweaking factors from the original game mode to account for the difference? While I’m not personally convinced that Valk will be bad, the point that the old rez (with instant cast time) could provide some clutch moments where mercy wouldn’t have to stop and sit in front of the bastion to rez the Reinhardt does seem like it’d make a difference if the mode itself is unchanged. Or are we simply going to have to readjust to the new gameplay?


Yup. We did some tuning passes.


Auto-pilot Mercy for 1/4 of a minute is so much “fun”.


Awesome, thanks!

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Yeeeees, I CAN’T WAIT! -screams in ‘Heroes Never Die’-


Heroes Never Die is the line for Mercy’s REAL ult, mass rez. Not Valkyrie!

Once the line goes live, I’m taking a break from overwatch to avoid the heartache of seeing a pitiful imposter of an “ult” use Mercy’s signature line.


Not surprised at all, after all they didn’t change anything about Junkenstein’s Revenge after Ana’s nerfs. Ah well, I’ve played more Torbjörn since then so I’ll probably insta-lock him.

Mass rez: an ultimate that required thought and lots of predictions on enemy ults as well as the ult status and positions of your team in relation to enemies


An ult that is basically just an ult for non ult fights and is nothing but the ult of an eternal sidekic

Yep mass rez was the fun one, just because you decided to be hide and seek bot for the risky and often failing strategy of hide and rez dosen’t mean those of us who used the ult to it’s fullest didn’t have fun