🕹 [Wiki] What Arcade modes are available today?


Mayhem please. Give Mystery the boot.


I’m honestly loathing this mode right now.

It’s the easiest to make a custom game for, and is about half the bloody daily choices.



Well… people also hoped it would return to arcade, and apparently it’s good mode for some people to get their arcade boxes fast. But i agree, 1V1 modes seem to take daily spot a bit too often compared to other modes.

Small update:
I’m going to check modes again once Brigitte goes live. I’m not expecting them to change though, because No Limits is weekly mode already.

Edit: No changes, they just moved icons around a bit.

Speaking of 1V1 appearing too often:

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018:

6v6 No Limits
8 Player FFA Deathmatch
1v1 Limited Duel
3v3 Lockout Elimination
6v6 Mystery Heroes


:pensive: I tried Brigitte for two hours on No Limits. Now I need to test her on Total Mayhem!
Tomorrow maybe? :pray:


Genuinely thought that the arcade mode hadn’t changed - 1v1 two days in a row is a bit much


At the risk of being a narcissist, I bet they’re trying to spite me.

I just can’t even…


OH BOY!!! 1v1 again!!!



Easy to make, plus only needs to find a single other player who wants to play it. Make any other mode (4v4 TDM, 3v3, etc) and see how long you sit there before you get 5, 7, or 11 other players looking for the same thing.


Now is your chance guys. Show your love for your Arcade Mode!


^ For everybody that loves Total Mayhem more than other modes


Love showed. :hugs::ok_hand::+1:


Love showed for Mayhem Poll, wish they would add Poll to launcher, Majority of Pop don’t use Forums.


Wednesday, March 21st, 2018:

6v6 No Limits
8 Player FFA Deathmatch
6v6 Total Mayhem
3v3 Lockout Elimination
6v6 Mystery Heroes

The poll is working.




Maaaaaaan I wish I wasn’t so tired or I’d be rockin’ out in TM right now. :pensive:


Yes!!! Mayhem Brigitte here we go.


Can’t I check this by clicking arcade in the game


Yes, but this way you don’t need to log in or launch the game just to check.

Before i started running this thread on new forums, i had link saved on phone, and i used to check mode quickly that way.


Fair enough



This thread is meant for people who want to know what the arcade mode is without logging into the game.


Also, man do some ppl here love TM. I personally can’t stand it, but to each their own.