[WIKI-THREAD] Workshop suggestions 2!

Dear Zach, can you fix two things:

  • Echo beam from which you can escape only by going in outer space
  • Buttons of working with actions that disappears when you’re scrolling down a long list of actions (in workshop)?

Will very grateful, cause I have a great bunch of ideas, hope I will able to send my feedback right to Blizzes, cause me is programmer that know the game since it was Demo… I have a detailed descriptions of each my idea…

I dont think he is in charge of balancing?

Anyway this person know guys that have deal with this things

still dont think this is the thread to ask for echo nerfs :woman_shrugging:

Uh I just tryna to catch all chances to say my word to Jefffff :joy:

we got more workshop stuff!

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Hero Configuration: returnes a number for the current configuration of the hero, defaults to 0, 1 for hammonds ball mode or bastions turret mode and 2 for bastions tank just in case. This should aslo return a hero name in the case of Echo when she copies another hero.

Im pretty sure thats what the new “is in alternate form” value does (PTR).

Thats a thing? :open_mouth:


It is an useless update regarding new actions, much more enjoying how many fixes it brings. Possible I would use 2 of new actions:

  • Start Forcing Player Position
  • Stop Forcing Player Position

We need more form and objects (even not solid) to use. Like square and others…

This is a workshop thread, not a balancing thread. If you’re so desperate recreate it yourself using the workshop.

Our whole life is a huge workshop!

These would be helpfull for anything with a travel time or ark like junk and Lucios primary fires, Sigma and Orisas barriers or Torb and Syms surrets.

Spawn Projectile: spawn any projectile asset from any hero, input hero and ability slot.
Projectile ID: The ID of the projectile last fired.
Projectile location: return the current vector of a projectile.
Projectile hit location: return the vector of where a projectile hit.

Ability Charges: The number of charges an ability has.
Ability Structures Limit: The number of strucures that can be up at once.

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i would really like this as well. and scrolling in general could use some improvements. like when you are working with a long list of actions, every time you press ok on an action the workshop scrolls you up to the top of the rule.
i wish it would just let me stay in the same place i was working, instead i have to scroll down over and over when changing several rules at the bottom of a rule.

It is a pity that so far none of my messages have been answered by those who could help. I hope one day Jeff accidentally pokes somewhere in a random place on a forum, finding himself at one of my posts, eh … uwu

Jeff is busy enough with other things to read this forum, there are moderators working here. Anyway Jeff is not the one you need I guess. Keep posting and one day you see a light…

I added the request to let the value is alive(*not existing player / empty slot*) resolve as FALSE, as it equals TRUE currently. This actually messed up a “filtered array” action I used. If both, “is alive” and “is dead” on a not existing player would be considered “false”, it might be a lot more consistent.
I just think it is not very intuitive that NULL “is alive”.

Dear Rany, I hope you forgive all the people who drink you to fight heartburn …

Do you know he is chatting on Youtube? I did not know it before I got a first his message as response to my message under one of his video.



Zach why didnt you tell me this i would have legit flown over all the way to the US and id literally hug you

we just need dummy bot upgrades and we have endless posibilities

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