Wiki of dev posts archived by WyomingMyst/Craig gone?

The wiki post of dev forum posts/replies used to be pinned in the forum, but now it’s not? I don’t know how to find it. It included archive stuff from the old forums, so aside from being nicely organized, it also had stuff I wouldn’t be able to find just by going through the dev post filter.

I think the account itself is gone now…along with his posts

Well that’s a bummer

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Nah he just renamed it.

Profile - Kaedi-11739 - Overwatch Forums

Overwatch Dev Post Archives & Overwatch 2 Facts & Beta Info


…Or maybe Blizz “replaced” him…

Because I don’t think his name was Kaedi.

(Seems like more went on. Myst was a perfectly good name.)

Usernames are a thing

…Ok why is Craig now “/Kaedi”

Are we sure it’s Craig?

It is twitter…

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Sure, whatever.


Not the angle I was talking about.

Still a little Sus. (I don’t remember him looking like that, remembers a beard.)

Anyway moving on, got Waffles and chicken in five minutes.

Interesting that I searched for almost that exact title and search feature couldn’t find it