Wierd freeze black screens n reconnect

I am having a repeating problem.
In game the screen goes black, i can hear the game and voice chat then it comes back to play but seconds later it goes black and has the text chat on the side still and its silent. then after a number of seconds it goes back to the “Welcome to rialto” or which ever map it is and throws me to a character selection screen. then when i click continue it puts me back into the game like i never left but like i ran forward into the next wall. This is going on repeatedly. Also lately and possibly unrelated I have been disconnected from the net and thown from the gameplay back to the main menu repeatedly! This is very frustrating and i got a “warning” thing saying if i disconnect alot I will be punished or something. BS! this is not my fault! … help please

see this: Blizzard Support - Black Screen in Overwatch 2 Without Crashing

This means you’re being disconnected, which forces Overwatch to drop you from the match. You should investigate the issue to avoid getting a ban.

One thing suggested by a knowledgable friend was to open a command prompt (cmd.exe) in Administrative mode (yes I am using Windows 7). Then use the following to clear up some tcp/ip problems.

netsh net ip reset reset.txt

then restart the computer as it recommends when the command finishes. It did dramatically reduce the connection problems. Sadly I have had 2 additional net problems since then. My friend referred to this process as

“resetting the tcp stack”

just fyi, thanks.