Widow's kiss has a silencer now?


i’ve just been casually playing quickplay and whenever i get sniped by a widow with a headshot and or body shot its silent like i can’t even look or find her if i survived the bullet. Did she buy a silencer?


Try following the big bold red laser pointer that comes out of the end of her gun…


So the silence bullet is intended?


Widowmaker is a hitscan class hero. Any shot fired has no travel time. Meaning any hit is instantaneous and you do not hear it coming.


when she shot her gun it used to make a giant blast sound now it makes zero sound?


That could be an error with your specific game client. Try doing a scan and repair.


I’ve noticed that the farther she is the quieter her gun becomes. Getting oneshot across the map doesn’t even make a sound whilst being killed up close has a huge blast


i still hear it…

most of the times im dead already to react to it

but i sure heared it


Ill try repairing it

and if repairing doesnt work ill test the distance.


The last thing you never heard.


Game has audio bugs since sometime ago. Probably a revenge by the people who were fired. Devs havent fixed it yet, reported it several times -> nothing.


Doesn’t that make sense though? The firing sound comes from the gun shooting the bullet and not the bullet travelling.


It most likely is an issue on your side.

If a Widow misses or hits a different target, you will hear a loud gunshot and a red line tracing back to her. It’s very audible still (for me)

But if she hits you and you die to it you wouldn’t hear the shot but your teammates will


There’s a megathread on missing audio issues in the Bug Forums, has a lot of linked threads just like yours of people talking about not hearing ults, voicelines, footsteps, sound effects, bullets, blasts, health packs, explosions, etc., happening across different platforms and with video evidence.

You can add your experience there, helps to keep the thread alive so devs can see it’s still a problem. Not that I think it’ll change much if anything, since despite the megathread being almost a year old and hordes of people talking about experiencing the issue there’s yet to be any official word on the issue.


I actually think i found the issue. I can hear her gun blast and everything when playing mercy everywhere. but when im guardian angeling and or valkyired in the sky or flying any of sorts i cant hear it. it’s what ive noticed


Every shot, even instantaneous ones, have a travel time.


Hitscan heroes literally don’t.

The “travel time” is literally just latency to confirm with the server, with the shot time/location/damage being backdated in the official record of events.


Anything travelling from point A and to point B is verified only by the speed it’s travelling at. Any object moving with trajectory or movement from Point A to Point B still has to travel a distance.


Hitscan is literally instant. There is no travel.

The acceleration between point A and point B in a hitscan gun is literally infinite at the time of firing.

It’s completely immeasurable because it doesn’t accelerate – if you were able to slow the time-scaling of the game down to even 10000x slower than real-time (hypothetically). The hitscan would both start and end on the exact same execute function “tick” , starting at point A and ending at point B.


Thought I’d mention that Widow’s sniper rifle has two distinct sounds for her sniper fire.

One quieter shot at 0% through 20-30-ish% and one really loud shot above the 30% mark charge. It’s very possible that you’ve been getting shot by the quieter of the two.