Widowmaker's Venom Mine


This happens like one in a hundred times and I keep forgetting to f9 it to show people (like an idiot) but: sometimes an enemy will trigger Widowmaker’s venom mine and it’ll do the initial tick of damage (and make the sound indicating that it’s doing so) but will fail to reveal the target or continue to do damage, even when that hero has not picked up a health pack. The most recent time this happened to me was on King’s Row in FFA. An Ashe crossed it in the hallway above the choke at the first point. I got the notif showing it had triggered and heard the first tick but it instantly stopped, did not reveal her to me, and she jumped down a few seconds later. Like I said, it’s one in a hundred times, but when it does happen it’s super annoying. I’ve experienced this both as Widow and as other heroes when triggering enemy Widow mines (although I was less annoyed then).


I have also experienced this. I heard the mine go off and the venom release but nobody was revealed. When I went back to look at the mine it was still there. I was kind of confused but I just chalked it up to bad internet connection.


Same for me. Came to the bug reporting forum to post it when I saw this post of yours. It happened since the most recent patch where Ashe was added, and actually happens more like 1 in 10 times instead of 100 like you mentioned.

Widowmaker’s Venom Mine goes off, and you hear it tick, but it doesn’t do any damage nor reveal the target. I play Widowmaker pretty often in Deathmatch and it’s pretty annoying. I also had experienced it from the receiving end of another Widowmaker. I see the effect on me, but don’t receive any damage at all…

I have the feeling it only happens when the Venom Mine itself is out of line of sight when triggered. When I plant it at someone’s feet, it does works as expected, but when I put it next to a doorway for example, it’s usually bugged.

EDIT: Even when it doesn’t do damage nor reveal, the Venom Mine is gone from what I’ve seen, unlike what TheInsomniac above mentioned… :S


Bug is still there and on my end it’s not like 1 out of 10, more like 5 out of 10, which is pretty annoying since it is a strong tool to win widow duells or get an entry kill in the beginning of the fight. I mean half of Widow’s kit is useless with that bug, which will break your neck in higher ranks. I mean imagine Hanzo’s sonar arrow works only half the time you use it, kinda ridicioulus, since you can hit multiple targets with the venom mine as well.


I also have this issue, venom mine gets triggered with the flashing red and all, but can’t see the person who triggered it so no infrared. It bugs me a lot, it’s basically half-useless as it only works 1/2 of the time I use it. I hope it gets fixed soon.


What I have noticed (through “careful” observation), I think there is a proximity trigger issue where the mine either triggers from proximity, while the damage zone is smaller and it doesn’t connect (for SOME reason???), or the damage trigger activates BEFORE the proximity activation, and upon triggering a second time, cancels the damage (FoR sOmE rEaSoN???)((actually i think its because the game doesnt want to calculate 2 mines at once so it cancels the process)), so either way, its annoying.