Widowmaker dies, Amélie reborns

Do you think Amélie Lacroix should wake up from brainwashing or not? Why?
I would like know your opinion.


I like character developement, so if she started to feel something I guess I’d like it? Depends how it’s done, like every other writting on whatever character.

Right now it’s hard for me to empathise or to care about Widowmaker because the only thing we know is that she like to kill and she’s good at it.

We don’t know who Amelie was when she was not Widow. Was she a kind woman? Was she happy/unhappy in her marriage with Gérard? How well did she know Ana and Gabriel and Overwatch ? That are the kind of thing I’d like to know more about.


I like to think she’s started a new life as the Widowmaker and even when her brainwashing wears off, she will never return to the life as a rich girl ballerina she once had. She would be a wanted criminal all around the world, but that doesn’t mean she won’t get away with it - but it’s hard to find how this could result in a happy ending


I think that Widowmaker should stay as Widowmaker. The world could always use more villains, and if through some weird twist of fate, she was not Widowmaker anymore… She wouldn’t just become a hero. She would just be someone who killed a lot of people and doesn’t want to kill anymore.


I guess she would since she had a lot of fans. Widow is popular in gameplay (cuz she’s a sniper). She also has quite amount of fan arts, cosplays and… 18+ contents.

She’s basically ''the Winter Soldier" in this lore. Just like in MCU, Bucky Barnes eventually wakes up from brainwashing.

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There maybe 2 possible outcomes:

  • Once Amélie wakes up, she doesn’t remember anything about how things have changed ever since she turned into Widowmaker.
  • Amélie does remember stuff that happened. But will have to deal with Talon and probably somehow return to Overwatch (Idk. just theories)
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I would like to see a Amélie redemption arc.


I think letting her stay as widowmaker is better than her waking up imagine waking up and realized you killed your loved ones she will definitely break from that just leave her numb from emotions will probably better for her own. There’s a lot of scenes that shows her remaining he memory before she was trained but because she was numbed she didn’t feel anything but what if she woke up


Yes and if the brainwashing did wear off there is no way in hell she wouldn’t have some sort of guilt of depression just fall on her after everything