Widowmaker... Did I miss something

Yeah, widowmaker has an aimbot now. It was in the patch in january.

I’ve seen this debate for literally every FPS game that exists on console+pc. If it was the same console players wouldn’t need aim assist in the first place, it’s just no comparison when it comes to aiming as controllers would never allow you to have the same level of control. I do agree with you that in terms of gamesense/positioning/awareness aim alone isn’t a substitute and people wouldn’t just automatically climb.

While it’s easier to aim with a mouse, the flipside is that it’s much harder to move with a keyboard than a controller, especially since there are no diagonal strafing buttons in Overwatch (Q and E are for abilities). We have full range of motion in any direction with a control stick. This is especially useful with heroes like Pharah where little movements make all the difference. The abilities (other than LShift) also aren’t nearly as accessible with a keyboard because you have to take your fingers off of your movement keys to use them. We also have more than one movement speed (keyboard has full speed or stop) because we can move the control stick slightly.

There are pros and cons to both, but throwing on M+K for console isn’t going to make a PC player ranked any higher than they were on PC, if they can even get THAT high.

This is really negligible as the buttons are so close to the movement buttons. Also mice have more than just left and right click. I have my left shift or ultimate buttons+ melee assigned the the side buttons of my mouse depending on character.

This might be the only advantage. But it still pales in comparison to actually being able to precisely aim on hitscan characters.

If they’re a hitscan main? Yeah it will give them a big advantage that they didn’t have before with aim assist. However I agree that it’s not going to boost them all the way to GM off of aim alone. It’s not going to turn a bad player into a good player, but for a decent player it will step up their game.

Yes. I stated it in the first sentence of my post; however, because Blizzard hasn’t provided support on Overwatch, it requires a third-party device, which is cheating according to Blizzard.

I beg to differ. It really is wayyyy easier to click heads with M&KB than it is with controller. I know that because i tried playing Overwatch on PC with a controller. And i got my behind handed to me.

Yeah no…

what? You do know we can hit two buttons at once, right? Like, W+A to go forward and left. Or A+S and we go left and backwards.

Yeah, and its almost as if you could push the button for only a short amount of time so you only move a little…


Aaaand we can remap them. On tracer for example, i have my ult on M5 and recall on M4. You bet thats faster than you are or as fast.

Thats true and useful for peeking. But, if i have an angle on a corner as widow, you moving slower and slower around a corner is really helpful for my side because I can see you decades before you can see me. Thats models for you bby

I’m aware of that. I have a PC account, too, and I’ve spent decades playing shooters on PC. That results in you only being able to move at 45-degree angles, though, without looking in specific places with your mouse. You can’t move in a circle on PC while looking in one direction. Controller people can. I brought up there being no diagonal strafing buttons because, on games that have those, you can combine them with the other movement buttons to move at angles that are more severe than 45 degrees, giving you greater range of movement while maintaining more of the freedom to look where you want with the mouse. Moving in a circle might not seem like a big deal to players who aren’t used to it, but it makes all the difference on heroes like Pharah and Doomfist where movement and positioning is everything.

It doesn’t matter how short an amount of time you spend pushing the button. You physically can’t move in as many directions as a control stick can.

Rebinding helps, but it’ll never beat me using four fingers on the triggers and bumpers. Those fingers never move from those spots and aren’t used for anything other seamlessly combining shooting and abilities. The only movement downsides on console are (assuming you’re using default controls) that it’s harder to jump and aim without a spacebar because you have to use your right thumb, which is normally used for looking, to hit the jump button and we can’t ADAD spam, though I’d argue that’s not purely a bad thing. It makes our movements more deliberate and strategic and less spastic.

This is useful for far more than just playing as Widow. I can walk up to edges you can’t without backing up and repositioning myself first, for example, on any hero. I’m much more free to be where I want to be without having to worry about adjusting my route to unlock new destinations.

Alright then. I present to you:

Linear analog switches. The freedom to control your input (you press 50% W, you move only 50% as fast forward)

My thumb never leaves M4. I can always recall in an instant. My left pinkie finger never leaves Ctrl, so I can always crouch. My thumb never leaves spacebar, i can always jump?

Idk bout you, but ADAD spamming is really good and “more deliberate and strategic” movements really help me lining up a shot. Because i dont have to wait for you to cross my crosshair, you know? :3

Where? To what edge can you walk up to that i cannot on PC? Do yall have different maps on console?

nah man, OW’s aim assist is god awful and a lot of us turn it all the way down, the only characters it helps with is widow and mcree, every other character has some sort of projectile that requires you to lead the target and the native aim assist makes that spotty at best, nothings fun about trying to firestrike a weak healer only for tracer/genji/dva/hammod/doomfist/ect to fly across your screen and your aim gets dragged with them so you miss everything by a mile.

the only real disadvantage a controller has against a M+Kb is turn speed, you will always be able to turn around faster than us, no matter how many setting we mess with. (there are other small things like comparative input lag, and the fact that we need to customize our control layouts way more than you guys if we want to be “serious”.)

Since everyone found out she’s broken and people got better so it takes as much skill as point and clicking for ez win

Sorry they won’t ever. Either they can’t afford it or can’t even hope to play against actual good pc players so they want to play on console for ez sr. Most of the high ranks use m&k that it’s almost sad

I was playing ps4 yesterday 5 minute queue times and widow almost every game. I went doom and got mad enough to the point where I destroyed them they switched to sombra to try to counter me but I spawn killed them and they finally switched to genji which I flattened against the wall

Well yes you missed one very important thing. They didn’t actually create a windowmaker yet but I mean I can’t wait but they do have other heros like Widowmaker which is a good hero too. Dude make sure you don’t add that N in the title.

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they could make a script that removes aim assist whenever mouse and keyboard gets detected

its a multi billion dollar company and they can’t do something so simple