Widowmaker... Did I miss something

I’m coming back to Overwatch after not playing it for a year and a half and boy… On console Widow was never, ever picked. Now there’s one in every game and they all hit headshots like it’s as simple as swinging Reins hammer. Was there some major change that happened or did everyone just become a widow main?


nah since its not considered cheating, many people use Mouse and Keyboard

And on console, its so easy to just abuse people with widow just like that

ngl, i could hit masters easily with M+KB on console even tho im plat on PC

console with M+KB is Overwatch easy mode


It is cheating. Consoles support it, but they stated that it’s up to game developers to support in their games.

Since console Overwatch requires a third-party device to make M&K work and Blizzard doesn’t have M&K support for consoles yet, it’s cheating.


They use Mouse & keyboard and guess what, they still have aim assist so killing people is so easy for them its insane. I hate Widowmaker and I hate all the mouse & keyboard, ffs go to pc then.


But but but pc doesn’t have aim assist and they wouldn’t hit as many shots…



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yep, it’s the only reason why i left console, also because Elizabeth has been created, since then, i knew it would be impossible play her on console, because all this cheating. PC is perfetc for Overwatch. people need always to ruin the game for the others.

QP soloq is not playable at the moment on PS4 at least. Widow has an insane pickrate, at least where I play, I find her 90% of the time. Often there are also Hanzo and Ashe together with her.
The result is that the game is not playable and/or boring because you have to go hammond or other counters all the time.

In my case it is literally ruining my game experience. I love the game, I don’t like to play competitive all the time so I’d like to alternate it with some QP but it is literally impossible and what’s most sad is that devs seem to don’t care about this.


It’s the same on Pc saddly. SniperWatch is real.

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Yes she was, her and Hanzo plagued this game like locusts since launch. :joy: :sob:

Just had a game where a widow on m&kb wrecked our team.Blizzard just dont want to do nothin bout it.

Personally, I am physically incapable of being good with widow. I’m a god at sniper in TF2 (ironically, my username isn’t God in TF2) and because I’m so used to those hitboxes and movements, it’s impossible for me to adjust, and if I do I won’t be good at sniper. So I’m kind of stuck.

Doesnt PS4 or XBOX one already have M&KB support build in? I think i recall reading something along those lines on these forums

Can’t believe it’s been 13 posts and no-ones answered OP question properly. Some time ago, not sure when maybe 6-8 months ago, they changed aim assist on console only and now she is much, much easier to use. My accuracy went up 15%. It was needed she was so hard to use on console before. It isn’t kb and mouse.

I don’t think all games support it and Overwatch is one of those games. But people use an adapter that is $100 bucks or so to translate their mouse and keyboard input into controller input.

The game sees you as using a controller but you’re really playing with Mouse+kb

You’re referring to this and this alone wouldn’t be the cause of a Widowmaker hitting all their shots

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Yeah but a mouse and kb wouldn’t make them hit ALL their shots either? That aim assist change made a HUGE difference in Widow’s ease of use. The OP asked why he’s seeing so much more of her than he did a year ago.

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GL hitting Master with only good aim and no game sense…

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Nah… It is both. You can literally tell the difference or verify if their profiles are open. If they stopped keyboard and mouse use, there would only be a few decent Widow, especially at lower ranks.

It does if you have the accuracy of mouse+kb and aim assist on top of that. Even on PC Widowmaker doesn’t just destroy at all ranks because it’s hard to aim. Adding aim assist to mouse+kb is just destructive. If you look up what I’m talking about you’ll probably start to see how prevalent it actually is.

I’ve seen M+K usage very rarely on PS4 even in grandmaster games. Really, it’s just that we’re not terrible shots like everyone thinks we are. Widowmaker actually has the same scoped accuracy on PS4 as on PC. Her highest accuracy is on Xbox, which was 3% higher than PC last I saw.

No. Game sense and teamwork is infinitely more important than how quickly you can point when it comes to ranking up. It’s a myth that console players at their rank aren’t equal to their PC counterparts.

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