Widow needs buffed 200 hp

So I’m a widow main. I wear a SF shock skin and play similar to Ans and Kenzo. I’m Fairly consistent and confident in my aim so I’m often front line/agro/ flanking. Not always but frequently. I’ve also sniped in other games such as awp in counterstrike and bolty guns in dayz rust and call of duty which are often one shots in the chest. This change will make her need to be alot closer to the fight than she is usually played which will make her a lot more vulnerable to chip damage. Keep in mind for those who don’t play widow you always take chip damage from mccree 76 sojourn hanzo ana ram kiri zen bap. 175 hp at 50 or even sub 50 range with an outdated kit is going to be almost unplayable vs previous chip damage because those listed above don’t need to be accurate and can just spray and hope they hit you. Also now being at closer range is going to make it a billion times easier for dive to easily run widow over so there needs to be some sort of hp buff or cooldown nerf to widows mobility. Similar heroes have 200-250 hp with similar one-two shot capabilities such as mei hanzo mccree 76 sojourn with much better kits.

I get that ppl hate dying to widow but it’s often due to the lack of cover or wasd crouching vs widow to modify your hit box. Half the time I headshot players they are mindless standing still or running in a straight line. For comparison It is extremely difficult to hit a wasd crouching player compared to hook shot 360ing across junkertown for a spawn kill on a player walking in a straight line. That doesn’t mean the hero should be broken beyond playable like road hog you just need to be more mindful that you are playing a fps and players are trying to aim at you.


Just play her as she is when she’s nerfed and if you lose, tell your teammates to blame Blizzard for gutting her :person_shrugging:

That’s what I would do if I still played :joy:

if your a good widow, wasd crouching etc doesnt effect you as hard as the other 90 widow players.


theyll absolutely buff her in some way. you cant remove her entire niche and do nothing…

cant wait for mercys damage boost to be complained about again :slight_smile: bc the widow with damage boost will be able to oneshot the widow without it… woo… fun balancing that definitely doesnt make you resent your own team…

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Amazing fun fact: They didn’t.


Hah, you’ve finally entered the range where HP nerfs has the meaning. And you know… ADADAD can help, right?


If people played around with the custom games editor they would find out that many people can’t back up far enough to avoid being within one shot distance. There are a few situations where it changes.

Havana you can still murder nearly everyone from the castle 2nd floor even to attacker spawn. That’s how far 50m goes. Yeah, you can’t kill them IN spawn, but you can kill them the moment they walk literally 5m out of Spawn. You can kill them past the 250 hp tower on 3rd point which covers pretty much the ENTIRE payload track.

Or how on 1st point defense you can’t stand from the middle of first point high ground and shoot them at the gast station to kill them. Though the moment they walk 5m away from the gas station they die again.

The nerf really isn’t that big. It deals with stupid stuff like trying to do a silly trackshot with grapple to get someone from super far out.


I’m sure you’ll be fine, OP, since you’ll be able to outplay your opponents with your superior cover-taking skills.


What niche? her 1 shot is still in. She just can’t do it from a different continent.


ADADAD can help vs against the enemy widow, but the other heroes don’t get punish by movement acceleration in this game as much as widow.

No you dont lmao stop lying to ur self
Also Ans is a different beast combared to kenzo how are you even putting the 2 up on the same pedestal?

You do but anyone who is stupid enough to try and chip you shouldnt live long enough to tell the tale. If someone is brave enough to even chip you from non-lethal range then ur not doing ur job as a widow

Not every nerf needs a compensation buff. Also, 50 meters is still an insane range.


May i suggest you to inform yourself about the ingame distances so that you realise that you are very rarely further than the fall off max distance and that this change will change almost nothing for you?
May be you’d like to have 310 hps so that you don’t risk to be killed by another Widow too?

Why do people keep acting like there are many spots in the game at further than 53.3m.


They’re all Widow mains who can’t accept their hero getting a nerf finally.

It is a nerf to Widow on the really crappy maps like Havana, but Widow is perfectly playable even on the original maps that didn’t have those insane sightlines. That’s the point of the nerf; she was horrifically OP on certain maps. This nerfs her on those maps but won’t affect her on others.

No she doesnt she has a 2.5 crit