Widow got nerfed


why would you nerf Widow’s SMG dmg ? bodyshot hits 120 dmg, the SMG wasnt even good enough to finish 80 hp heros from a long distance.

Brigitte simply killed the game, no one is playing dive heros simply because of her and thats why Widow is good now, because shes not getting dived.
stop nerfing heros because of your one and only mistake - Brigitte.

Widow is pretty much balanced! you buffed McCree, Soldier and Bastions dmg at long distance, its already a nerf to Widow since now more heros will be able to kill her from long distance.

I dont think this is needed! her SMG is already the worse weapon in overwatch and she has also the worst E ability in the game.
shes a good hero in the right hands but shes an easy hero to counter, tons of shields nerfing her, now this new Symmetra ult makes her useless till its over.

I am serious, dont put it in the live servers, pretty sure no one gonna like that. Widow mains, where you at?


What was the nerf numbers wise


I personally think dive meta and mercy rework got most people out, but yeah nerfing smg damage makes no sense.


where is the patch notes? did i miss something?


It’s on the PTR. Mei now has no falloff damage, and the falloff damage was reduced by 20% on Mcree, bastion, and 76.



mei can now snipe? interesting

mccree should’ve gotten this buff a long time ago though but im happy anyways


Here are my talking points as a “Widow main”.

  • I’ve got 600 hours on Widowmaker. I have received all sorts of backlash on suggestions, feedback and input here when it comes to her. The truth is Blizzard has been working on phasing out snipers since moira (November) .

I see no player complaining about Hanzo’s abilities which are now greater than Widow’s. The new community that has moved in from the last "free week’ Thing… The vibe I get from it is. Well, they want snipers OUT of the game.

  • When I played WM before June. I heard NO complaints about snipers being a problem. Then after the free week thing. It’s a MAJOR problem both in the game and on the forums.

I am out shopping for a game that is team based and dare I say I am even dreading to turn on “team fortress 2” to get my fix from FPS team gaming. I dread leaving the game Overwatch, as I put alot of time and passion into it. It’s a reluctant end to a beautiful relationship with this game.


Good. She isn’t much of a nuisance in my ranking, since I’m only in Mid-plat, but watching videos and watching the league, she is absolutely oppressive in higher tiers. That the only counter to a good Widow, is a better Widow. Now, the DPS can actually hit her if they have aim. This, this is how they nerf skill. People have been asking how you nerf Widow, since her kit is already bad, and this is the answer. You nerf her, by making it easier for other heroes to take her out.


Her smg was pretty weak in the first place so the nerf was actually extremely unnecessary.


They want to emphasize her close range weakness. She could deal out some serious damage to tanks that dove her because of the large hitboxes. This just seem to be a nerf for that.


True, but people begged for her to be nerfed…
Giving her SMG falloff damage was the only logical nerf I guess


its not even that bad of a nerf

widowmaker will always be strong unless they decide to nerf her headshot damage


Why does everyone have to knock tf2? It’s a good game right now, recent changes have really improved it.


I’m a Flex player who can apply Widowmaker in maps with long sight lines and good angles.

I play her from the payload on Route 66 so falloff damage isn’t an issue for me on that map, but her non-scoped weapon is so terrible after bullet #3 beyond 20m vs anything not a tank that this falloff application only weakens her long-range potential. In my opinion, it’s her refire rate or magazine size while unscoped that’s the real issue here, not falloff. The only maps I see the falloff damage being problematic are Horizon, Temple of Anubis, or Volskaya. Maybe Watchpoint: Gibraltar


The nerf is actually on the SMG gun, its not like people used it as a weapon cause its already weak.
I am playing Widow for 900 hours, im using SMG ONLY when I headshot a target and he has like 3 hp left… so youre able to finish it very quickly from a long distance…

shes pretty much balanced and not easy to be effective cause shes hard to play. by buffing McCree’s and Soldier dmg in a long distance you already nerf her… since now they will kill her easier.

I really dont see what Blizzard is trying to do. when shes in scope mode shes so slow, its already easy to aim on her, it gives an advantage to the enemy so why nerfing her smg? thats kinda lame…

not like its going to affect my gameplay by a lot but honestly it wasnt needed, all those skillful heros are getting nerfs while the only problem of this game is Brigitte.


Oh no, a hitscan smg now has fall off like every other hitscan wep in the game.


You’re missing out! I get great value at similar engagement ranges to Sombra by shooting discorded tanks, especially Orisa and D.Va once their Armor HP is gone.


You clearly haven’t seen the forums if you think that people aren’t complaining about hanzo’s everything.

As for the OP: they gave her fall-off on her SMG ,you know ,THE CLOSE RANGE WEAPON ,why does it even matter ?


And yet snipers are the strongest they have ever been. Aside from widow at launch, but together, hanzo and widow are the strongest they have been. Also this doesnt even affect her long range capabilities, how often are ppl using smg at long range? Maybe to hit someone with like 10 health left.