Widow could break the game in season 7

Depends on how the Sombra rework goes. Sombra is a go to counter against widow for many. Her low risk engagement due to translocator can kinda keep widow’s low risk positioning in check. But the devs said this in the coming Sombra rework:

Finally, we’re looking forward to revealing our plans for our upcoming reworks. Sombra’s changes will be coming at the start of Season 7. Here are some of our stated goals heading into her rework:

  • Make Sombra more committal when engaging
  • Increase the active feel throughout her kit
  • Uphold her current hacker identity and playstyle

Part of what makes Sombra a decent counter to widow is that she doesn’t have to hard commit to killing her. Even if you don’t kill the widow you can very easily harass with very little downtime. Simply hacking and distracting her so she doesn’t have free resign to do whatever she wants can be beneficial.

But if this is not the case? Then Widow will have a lot less pressure in a game where the peel for her is already insane. I agree with their goals in this Sombra rework but if they’re going this route they also need to seriously change widow. Because if this rework fails then one shots will be even more prevalent than they already are which is scary.


I’m fairly certain Sombra’s hack disables grapple temporarily, making widow a sitting duck.

I’m not sure how Sombra plays, but this sounds almost do or die. Like the Sombra will be punished once she’s committed to an attack. If she doesn’t get the kill, she will die, be killed.

As Widow, I don’t want Sombra to be reworked. Not because I think she’s weak, but because I’m gradually learning how to deal with her. The planned rework would destroy that progress.

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Widow is already a problem in GM because Sombra isn’t an effective counter to her. I can’t see a Sombra nerf making her worse to face below that.

My money is on them reverting tl yo how it worked before when it was on a timer.

Widow has many counters, Sombra is merely one of them

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