Widow Bug/Issue Megathread w/ Video Examples (updated? 25 January 2019)

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Same name and everything…

I’ve tried getting their attention in followup threads multiple times.

This really should have hundred of likes by now, I feel the only reason it hasn’t is a huge portion of the community are biased against snipers. If you’ve ever mained a sniper in OW you’ll know what I mean people are toxic toward you non stop just for playing one both on your team and the other team. It’s really sad ;( Doomfists got instant attention this… has been stagnating for months.


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These bugs are pretty much systemic.

  • The misprediction bug is a netcode issue.
  • The occlusion culling is a rendering issue.
  • The standable surfaces are set in stone.
  • The destructible railing collision is forever doomed to screenshaking and sliding surfaces.

They’ve already announced that they’re working on bugfixes for other characters, despite Widow having had a publicized list for far longer.

Her grappling hook requires a complete rewrite to be consistent, not that they’d rewrite it anyways because they released Hammond with a Grappling Claw… the same way Widow’s scope mechanics were intentionally changed to give Ana a fast and responsive scope, so that both occupy separate niches, Hammond’s Claw now takes up the niche that Widow players would have wanted.

The upcoming nerfs she’s slated to get will pretty much be a nail in the coffin.

  • SMG damage getting falloff removes its 13-26 damage clean-up kill niche, putting more emphasis on her sniper, which means more time spent in scope where she’s a sitting duck to counter-sniping…
  • Counter-snipers are getting a buff to falloff damage; Bastion, McCree, and Soldier are not only going to be able to deal more damage at range, but will also be giving her more severe aim punch as a result of dealing more damage at range, throwing off her aim, and making her abandon sniper perches more often…

If there was ever a time to give up on Widow, it’s now. Enjoy the current patch while you can, because once it rolls out, she’s going to be nearly unusable for 99% of the population except in Grandmaster and OWL.


changelog - updated 20 Jul 2018, added 15.3 and 9.1.1.

Discovered stealth nerf, 15.3. Point blank grapples do not automatically refund. They were supposed to, and did at one point.

Bug #9 is still present in the game. 9.1.1 confirms.

changelog - update 22 Jul 2018, added 2.5, 2.6

changelog - update 24 Jul 2018, 7.1-7.3 fixed

Hi brokenstyli and heroes!

Thank you so much for making this post outlining detailed examples and descriptions of the bugs you’ve identified. We appreciate your passion and support!

In a continued effort to be more transparent about which interactions are or aren’t bugs, alongside which ones are currently higher priorities to fix, one of our developers provided some valuable insight.

Today we’d like to share that with you:

Sniping issues

1. The 1.26 update that recently went live fixes an edge case that could cause the recoil mispredictions to still occur. Please let us know if this still seems to be happening!
2. We’re still investigating solutions to this issue that will help mitigate pop-in at lower framerates without further lowering framerates.
3. Not a bug, nonetheless we appreciate your insight and feedback!
4. Hanzo’s hand shouldn’t be blocking headshots any more and the rest of the hitbox issues should also be resolved.

Grappling Hook issues

8. Unfortunately, auto-aim of grapple isn’t perfect at the moment. However, this is one of the larger tasks that we intend to tackle.
9. Most of the clips are simply the grapple failing to connect to a surface before it auto-retracts, which is somewhat exacerbated by either auto-aim failure or due to the player reducing their auto aim sensitivity.
10. We’ve reworked this mobility on the current PTR, where pulling up should be more consistent when possible. Additionally, momentum should be better preserved when not.
11. This should also be resolved on the latest PTR build.
13. This is likely a client misprediction due to a dropped or late packet.
14. As noted in point 8, we intend to remedy the auto-aim, which is impacting the animation in instances like these.
15. Indeed, this is a bug. The cooldown should be getting reset and it’s on our list to fix.

Infra-Sight Issues

16. These issues should be generally fixed.

Other Bug/Issues

17. This should be fixed in latest PTR build.
18. Hit confirm sounds are not 100% reliable, especially during packet loss or enforced rate limiting.
19. The split screen videos are interesting! They appear to be synchronized by the red skull kill marker though, which won’t be the same on the client and server. On the client you don’t see it until you’ve confirmed the kill, but on the server the kill happens immediately and you will see the skull right as the headshot happens. Bullet tracers and movement should be synchronized and if the videos are synchronized by that, the view should generally match pretty closely!

Standing on Destructible Railings

20. Standing on railings should be much improved in latest PTR build.


21. Not a bug, but we appreciate your feedback!
22. Training range is generally lower resolution to reduce performance costs.
23. The Ayutthaya issues should be resolved and the feedback is good!

As always, we appreciate the constructive feedback and examples provided. This assists us in identifying and ultimately resolving many of these issues.

Thank you to all the contributors. We salute you. :vulcan_salute:


please make a list for all heroes.


Hi Tom, thanks for responding.

I’m not capable of maintaining this list anymore. I’ve decayed out of Trust Level 3 because I apparently haven’t kept reading posts in my time on the forum (despite being a near daily forum user… I don’t really understand why decay even exists to begin with), and I’m unable to edit the OP post, nor double post to bump with updates.

My ability to update this post is basically at the mercy of other people, of which,
the people have spoken – they hate Widowmaker. All of my followup posts here and on Reddit have gotten downvoted because of competition for attention for bugfixing, and just a general community disdain towards Widowmaker – there are people that genuinely say that Widow doesn’t deserve bug fixes because she’s used in OWL.

It took 9 months to get an official response in any meaningful capacity for Widow, and in that time only 2 bugfixes actually had an impact on gameplay (and one of them was in an Arcade game mode that has no bearing on normal/Competitive Play).

Any of the upcoming fixes will likely not be enough to rekindle my interest in her. Her fixes are better late than never I suppose, but my passion for Widow is dead, I’m a tank main now, though I don’t enjoy it.

Please turn this thread into a wiki post so that others can update this at their own leisure. I won’t be able to do so.

For posterity’s sake, I’ll give one last post of feedback.

Is this scheduled for the next PTR update? As of the time of writing this post, the current Live and PTR patches do not have this fixed;

  • https://gfycat.com/CoolAnguishedIndianrockpython
  • https://gfycat.com/FamousAnchoredClumber

This change was in the PTR patch before the current one, and it’s not fully explained, but it forces all wall surfaces (not ledges or floors) to automatically slingshot;

  • Even though completely halting momentum is a significant source of frustration when it happens, automatically slinging players for all grapples on non-ledges is not the solution.
    • There are times when you do need to stop all momentum, as continuing momentum may cause you get caught in a boop, Graviton, or some other form of CC.
    • If this does pass through PTR testing please change it to a user-customizable toggle so that players have the choice the same way backwards wallride exists for Lucio as a user toggle.
  • Autosling doesn’t work on certain map geometry – Horizon Green Room glass breaks this entirely;
    • https://gfycat.com/UnimportantFreeAsiaticlesserfreshwaterclam
  • Autosling doesn’t work on floors. This seems to be intentional (just like Hammond can’t grapple to floors), but it should work on floors – having been done countless times in OWL and Contenders, and cited as a reason by passionate Widow players to be why her recent grapple hook nerf went through, most Widow players have migrated to this technique, with a low grapple auto-aim sensitivity setting.

Is this slated for an upcoming PTR update? Or do you mean that it has been resolved on the current PTR patch?

Playing around with the new autosling, I’ve noticed that a lot of short-range grapple hooks have caused way more frequent unintended-direction slingshots.

I unfortunately don’t have footage to show for it.

How exactly do you plan on remedying auto-aim without slowing down the ability?

Can you elaborate more on this? If there’s nothing to report right now, can you explain it in more detail when you implement those ideas?

I manually edited these clips with each other and could not get bullet tracers and movement to synchronize at any point. The only point of reference I could use to sync were elimination icons, which are in sync with each other, down to an exact timing.

I understand there is some interpolation and networking compensation at play, so the replay system must be using the server’s capture of interpolated inputs instead of a client’s raw input recordings.

However, I’ve also captured a separate video that I posted on the old forums, comparing 2 separate manual recordings of a highlight, with a highlight export.

The above video was made when the Highlights export feature was brand new, but I’m still pretty certain that no two viewings of the same highlight will be synchronized, even to this day.

This is the exact same highlight being replayed multiple times, and each time the inputs don’t match up – they simply aren’t frame perfect with each other.

And because of that, I’m concerned about the false reports that happen because of how unpredictable/unreliable replays are.

Are there any improvements to the highlights that are inbound that might help assuage these concerns? Is there an ETA on the theater mode (full match replays)?


Any plans to fix the sound issue when widow shoots someone in a mech or body suit (aka Pharah). Having blistering PIIING sounds of the mech in my ear at high volumes is super obnoxious when playing widowmaker.

Oh please please please look at roadhog.

That hook is atrocious and for some reason he has crazy falloff damage on PTR.


A followup response/turning this into a wiki would be lovely, but I’ve learned not to get my hopes up.

Blizzcon: We have three new heroes all of them are in the stun category, we also nerfed brigitte healing by 10 but now she can cleanse players to help balance the new heroes, Hanzo’ is nerfed removed his leap, but Fixed E lowered the damage of sonic arrows by 10 and his cooldown to 3 seconds but we also lowered sonic arrow to 3 seconds so u can spam it, We also added a new passive for widdowmaker auto regen we thought a 11 second grip is not enough even when getting healed.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly you’re suggesting for Widow.

Regardless, this isn’t at all related to the thread, which is for bug tracking. If you have any reservations with Blizzard, feel free to make your own thread.

just trolling complaining how broken these characters are and will never get fixed

Another example from PTR;

Hope you can get widowmakers bugs and whatever other issues with her resolve o /

Hi brokenstyli,

You should now be able to edit your list/post as you intended.

Thank you for your patience.


Wait what? No, I didn’t ask to be given Trust Level 3. I asked for this post to be made a wiki.

My post wasn’t a disguised request to get Trust Level 3, I said that specifically to emphasize how much time had passed between me posting the bug list, and getting a response. And how checked out I am after waiting so long that I don’t even want to continue maintaining the bug list and how unreasonably high the requirements for maintaining Trust Level 3 are…

Unless you globally changed the requirements for Trust Level 3, that’s not fair to anyone that has to grind away the read posts count.